3 Cards Poker

3 cards poker is an ancient casino game that originated three hundred years ago when it used to be known as Primero. Later the Americans were responsible for changing the version to 3 cards poker. Over time the 3 card poker game became so popular that it changed to other names, such as Post and Pair or in the American casinos it was referred to as Brit- Brag. This game is turning out to be one of the most popular online table game and players have discovered it’s not only easy to play but it is a lot of fun, too.

3 cards poker the casino game is played with single deck of 52 cards. It seems that it is two games in one with the Play/Ante game, which sees the players make a decision to play looking at their hand and if the player wants to continue they have to make fresh bets always as in Pair Plus, where you wager whether or not you will be dealt a pair or better. Most casinos bet on either but others require you make an Ante Bet to be allowed to bet on the Pair Plus game.

For players to enjoy the 3 cards Poker, it is advisable for players to follow these three steps for them to win:

• Players have to buy wagering chips.
• In the three card poker you must place either Pair Plus or Ante play. With Pair Plus it only wins if dealt as a pair and with Ante Play it gives you a look at your hand and this makes you decide to play or not.
• Players have to place their bet and wait for the dealer to deal with the three cards which include for the others around the 3 poker table using a Shuffle Master machine and wait to win.

Bonus payout is paid on the Ante bet but for certain hands without additional wager. If a player gains a straight three /straight flush automatically you are paid a bonus even if you beat the dealer. This bonus varies from different casinos but not with a big margin for example with 3 kinds you will be paid 4-1 or 3-1.