About Casino Games

The advances in casino software during recent years have seen a sharp rise in a new genre of games that have provided a pleasant alternative to some of the more traditional options.

Multi win-line slot machines and virtual horse racing are just small examples of some of the new gambling experiences visitors to an online casino can enjoy. Yet the core business of every casino, both online and land-based, continues to be those that have stood the test of time for many, many years. The following games are all firm casino favourites and can be easily found on most online gaming sites.


A surprisingly simple card game immortalised by the collection of James Bond films that offers the house an edge of only 1.06%. The idea of the game is to score as close to nine points as possible with Aces counting as one while tens and picture cards have a value of zero. If the total point value of the hand is more than ten points, then ten points must be deducted to give the overall Baccarat score. Only two cards are dealt, and bets are made on the players hand, the bankers hand or a tie. In certain circumstances, a third card will be dealt to complete the final outcome.


Another simple card game where players aim to score as close to 21 points as possible without exceeding it. Players compete against the banker and bet on their own hands. They may ‘hit’ extra cards to get closer to 21 points but automatically lose if they ‘bust’ their hand.

Casino War

Another card game where a bet is placed and a single card is dealt. The object of the game is to draw a card higher in value than the dealer to win. In the event of a tie, players can go to ‘war’ with the dealer in an attempt to beat him again.


A dice game played on a large table with the house having varying edges of between 1% and 16%. A little complicated, and fortunes can be won or lost in minutes.

Fruit Machines

A coin operated slot machine that has a combination of reels with pictures of fruit or other symbols. Players spin the reels and win money if matching fruits or symbols finish in a row on the same line. Newer machines incorporate bonus rounds with the potential to land massive prizes.


A 2000 year old lottery game that sees players choose 15 numbers from the possible 80 available. A random number generator then produces a sequence of numbers and the player wins increasing amounts of cash dependant on how many of their own selections match those drawn.

Pai Gow Poker

A variation of an ancient Chinese card game where 7 cards are dealt and two hands are made. The first hand must be made of five cards and the second hand must consist of the remaining two. If both hands beat the two hands of the dealer, the player wins.


Although mainly found on their own sites and operating independently of online casinos, the popular card game sees players compete against each other by building the strongest hand possible and betting money upon it.


A massively popular table game where a large wheel consisting of 36 coloured numbers is rotated and a ball is spun around it. Players bet on which number or colour the ball will land on. The wheel also has either one or two ‘zero’ numbers to give the house a slight edge on colour bets.

Sic Bo

A simple dice game where bets are placed on the possible outcome of three dice shaken by the dealer.

Video Poker

An electronic version of Poker where a hand of five cards is dealt. Any number of cards can be ’held’ while the discarded cards are replaced with an equal number of new cards. Players win money based on the strength of their hands