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Believe it or not we started out like you – humble casino fans searching high and low for the very best casino promotions, bonuses and games. We were such regulars on the casino circuit that we became experts in this field and thought “Hey – we could do this better!” And so we did! Now we strive to help people just like us find the hottest offers, the best casino reviews and even just news and gossip relating to both online and land-based casino’s top keep you all up to date. We know how frustrating it is to have to head to each and every site because we need the hottest offers, so we decided to extend our hand and expert knowledge!

Our Aim

To find you the biggest, the best and the most fantastic treats from the world of online casino. Be it fresh hot promotions, full site reviews to help you decide which site to call your own, casino gossip and news or handy articles, we have it all covered. Our aim is to hold everything you could ever possibly need to know about the world that you love so that you never have to waste time looking for it all yourself – it’s all RIGHT HERE!

The Team

We are a bunch of casino lovers just like you who started out doing exactly what you are doing – searching! Because we are such huge fans of the industry, we now consider ourselves to be experts and know the exact ingredients – from software and bonuses to games, tourneys and promotions – that are needed to make the perfect casino recipe. We know exactly what we are talking about so all you need to do is trust us!

Why WikiCasino?

Why not? Would you rather spend hours upon hours looking for the very best and latest offers from the online casino world or would you rather be sitting playing the games, scooping the jackpots, bagging the bonuses and enjoying your experience? We know the answer and you know the answer, so the next time you simply need a hit and you need it fast – head to WikiCasino and make the most of all of OUR hard work!