Mind-Blowing Christmas Prizes

For the entire month of December, Bet365 Casino are holding a promotion that far surpasses the 12 Days of Christmas. Drawing inspiration from the aforementioned period in time, Bet365 Casino have named theirs the 12 Levels of Christmas. There is an astonishing 12 different prizes that will be won through respective draws for each. The prize that you compete for will depend entirely on which level you currently place in the promotion. Your level will depend on how many Comp Points you have earned, so start earning these by clicking the ‘Opt In’ button within the 12 Levels of Christmas page.

Bet365 Casino have identified a selection of different online casino games for you to earn the Comp Points in. And you will soon see why it is in your best interest to enter, as the prizes on offer are fantastic. Have a look at the information provided below:

• Level 1 – £25 cash (1,000 Comp Points)
• Level 2 – £50 cash (2,000 Comp Points)
• Level 3 – Kindle Fire (5,000 Comp Points)
• Level 4 – £250 cash (10,000 Comp Points)
• Level 5 – iPad (20,000 Comp Points)
• Level 6 – £1,000 (40,000 Comp Points)
• Level 7 – 5-star London theatre trip (60,000 Comp Points)
• Level 8 – £2,500 cash (100,000 Comp Points)
• Level 9 – Choice of luxury watches (200,000 Comp Points)
• Level 10 – Las Vegas holiday (400,000 Comp Points)
• Level 11 – £25,000 Cash (1,000,000 Comp Points)
• Level 12 – Porsche Cayman R (2,000,000 Comp Points)

Bet365 Casino have a festive promotion designed to help minimise your losses on casino games during Christmas. Christmas is an expensive time of the year and any way that you can save cash is a blessing. Ghosts of Christmas Cashback will be running on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with 25% cashback bonuses available on all losses (up to £100).