Blackjack Guide

Blackjack is a table game, in fact it is the most popular table game being played in various casinos around the world. You might say that there is a little bit of difference in various casinos around the world but all the rules are almost the same no matter in which casino you are making a visit to. You might be thinking, as to what does a blackjack actually means and what the blackjack rules really are? Let me tell you that a blackjack means a total sum of 21. Suppose you draw a pair of cards and its sum comes out to be 21 at just two picks then you can say that you have drawn a blackjack.

Now, once you know, about Black jack, you may now also like to know, as to how you will come to know that you have drawn a blackjack. So let us check out for the value of each card so that we come to know that we have drawn a blackjack and you have to play it. You should know what each card value is. The following are a few points, which would help you in this regard:

1. The cards from 2 to 9 are counted as their face value.
2. The cards 10, queen, jack and king are counted as 10.
3. The ace is counted as 1 or 11.

The Ace can be counted as 1 then it is called a soft pick and if it is counted as 11 then it is called the hard pick.
If you are just starting to learn this game then you can play the shoe game. You can show your cards to the other players as well as the dealers and ask them the questions which come in your mind.

But who would like to play such a game? I am quite sure that nobody will actually. So just go through these points. These are the basics of the blackjack. You might see number of players on the table but you should not worry about all of them if you are dealing with the blackjack then you just need to worry about the players who fulfills the qualification of players.