Blackjack History

The online blackjack is the new revolution in casinos. But the history of blackjack goes well beyond 17th century. Way back in 17th century in France a game by name of “Vingt En Un” was quite popular. The French word “Vingt En Un” equal to 21. This game is believed to be the origin of blackjack. However there is only one similarity between them. As far as Vingt En Un is concerned you have to pick up cards and make the total of 21. You have to do this in case of blackjack as well but there is lots of dissimilarity. In case of Vingt En Un no one but the dealer was allowed to double, all other bets were done at the end of each round. You can also play blackjack and point out this difference between Vingt and the other one.

If you go back in history then you will definitely find that there were many card games that were being played. Some of them require the player to make the sum of 7, 9 or 10 and in fact any number which was set for the game. One such game was around Italy in which the player had to reach the 7 and half points.

I am quite sure that you would definitely like to know as to how the name blackjack originated. Actually it originated from one of the special features of Vingt En Un. This was a special payout when the player carried a Jack and the ace of spades. The name blackjack originated from this very specialty of Vingt En Un.

The game came to North America After the French revolution. But the government of US thought that this kind of gambling often lead to some sort of crime and hence did not allow this to be played.

It was in the year 1931 that the governments of Nevada thought about it and allowed many casinos to be opened in the city like Las Vegas. Since then the game of blackjack became quite popular in the casinos of US.