Blackjack Strategy

You must know about a cards deck before understanding the blackjack strategy. A single deck is supposed to be quite more advantageous as well as better than multi deck. You have more chances of winning if you are playing with single deck. In the single deck if you don’t make a blackjack then the dealer too has a lesser chance of making the blackjack. Hence you have maximum chances of being paid.

Now let us come to the strategies of the game. You can opt for no re-splits, one card to split Aces, double after split, no surrender, double on any two cards, dealer hits soft 17 or original bets only lost on dealer Blackjack. In fact there are many for which you can opt. However there will be different strategies in case of each type of game which you will opt for.

The total sum sometimes makes hard total, soft total or even pairs. You will have to stand, hit, double or surrender according to the net sum which your cards will make. Just abbreviate these above terms and make a matrix whose columns and rows are the cards and face value of cards which you will pick up. While you will proceed making the matrix, you will come up with complete set of optimal plays for each strategy. Hence you will get an idea of each kind of blackjack situations which you can find yourself in when you are in casino.

Have you heard about card counting? I am quite sure that if you have been to a casino then you must have heard about it. It helps you in betting higher when you are in stronger position. In Vingt En Un you have to bet at the end of each round. Similarly in blackjack you can bet many times. But you need to know when you have to bet. And this is made possible with the help of card counting. The matrix which you made earlier helps to know when we are in stronger position.

I am quite sure that now you must have got an idea that whether you play blackjack or you are dealing with online blackjack; you will have many situations to deal with. At this juncture I can think of just one idea to share with you and that is: “practice makes a man perfect.”