Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker is a relatively new game in the casino. David Sklansky, a gambling genius, claims to have formulated it in 1982 using well known poker formulas and naming it Casino Poker. Due to patent laws he could not go on, so he sold his rights to a poker player. He had it patented with this the poker player and the casino owner changed it to what it is today Caribbean Stud Poker, having discovered it on a ship cruise.

Caribbean stud poker, the game was based on 5 card stud and was first know to be the game of the rich who played in the luxurious setting of Aruba and spreading very fast to other Caribbean islands and that is how it found its way to the U.S. In today’s era it can also be played online offering poker rooms which are safe for buying and for payouts. Caribbean stud poker has not dropped its odd theme of rich experience. This has made it one of the best games to be played online.

Like other poker games Caribbean stud poker, poker has basic steps that players have to study before they start such as:

• Never fold when you have two pairs in hand.
• Never play when the jackpot is low, but when the jackpot is high you have chances of winning.
• Always fold when you have no hand.
• The house edge of a Caribbean stud poker is about 5.2%, making it one of the worst bets you can ever make in a casino.
• With Caribbean stud poker you can win jackpot which is a added bonus to the game.
• Each player must place his ante wagers before the dealer announces no more bets.
• Players never talk about their hands to other players.
• Each player must keep the five cards at all times.
• The decision of the supervisor is final

Tourists have taken great interest in this new fast moving game by flocking to Aruba every year to play the game.