Welcome to one of the best bits – the games section! After all, this is what has led you online in the first place; your love of casino games! There are absolutely millions of excellent casino games online but casino sites don’t even stop at offering you the traditional treats! Sure they have blackjack and roulette, slots and craps, baccarat and video poker and so much more, but they also provide you with fantastically funky little variations of each and every one of these casino staples!

To ensure that you know what the very basics are, we have included a little summary of the most popular casino games, but it is up to you to get yourselves to grips with the different variations! Utilize that Demo Play mode offered by 99% of online casinos so that you know exactly what you are doing before you unleash yourself on the games!

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah Slot

If you are new in the online gambling platforms, and you’re looking for a cool way to earn decent amounts of bucks, then try out Mega Moolah slot. It also a good option for the expert gamblers who are seeking to reinforce their payslips with extra amounts of real cash.

Mega Moolah is one of the slots that have earned its reputation from the jackpots that it offers. It does not only offer one but four jackpots. Mega Moolah game has also featured in the Guinness Books of Records where it still holds its record for having the largest online wins ever in history, and this proves that gamers can earn more within a short span of gambling.

Its theme is quite adventurous; showcasing some jungle related animals like the lions, giraffes, buffalos, and elephants. There’s also plenty of fun to add onto the plenty of spins found in this slot.

In addition to these awesome features, it also has other high-value card symbols that make appearances on the screens more often. Such icons include the Jack, Ace and Ten icons among others.

If you’re going to chase after the jackpot, then don’t opt for the free play. The policies of this slot don’t support that. Get an idea how this game works by studying the paytable first then play for real money because the free gambling mode may end up disrupting your chase for the progressive jackpot when you run out of the free credits.

All the loyal gamers who love to play Mega Moolah Slot machine online should expect more progressive jackpots that have new ways that they can be won and easily paid in the coming years.  

Mega Moolah Gameplay

The chances to double or triple your stake are plenty in Mega Moolah. They occur more often in the bonus rounds. Also, through the given symbols, you can increase your cash prizes each time that you are gaming.

The scatter, highlighted by the monkey symbols trigger the free spins in this game which leads to more prizes and free spins. There is also a wild icon which is also represented by the Lion which triggers the multipliers.

By doing this, it creates more victories when it also substitutes the other icons to form a winning line. Study the list below and discover how each of these icons works in Mega Moolah casino slot online.

  • The Monkey – As the scatter icon, it triggers the free spins. You will win 15 free spins when you line three of the monkey symbols on the reels. These monkey icons also have an attached multiplier. They will triple your winnings each time that you form a winning combination with them. Retrigger the free spins by landing on three more monkey icons.
  • Lion – The Lion icons pay according to their numbers that you line. Two of their icons award 15 coins, three rewards 125 coins while four give 15,000 coins. The Lion icon also has a multiplier; it doubles the won credits.
  • Progressive Jackpots – The jackpots in Mega Moolah have been split into four segments. The first progressive jackpot is worth $10; the second one is $100; the third jackpot is worth $1000 while the fourth goes for $1 million.

The progressive jackpots in Mega Moolah are also triggered randomly, and the pay for each one of them depends on the amount of the money you use as your wager; more amounts will definitely attract a heavy payout.

If you stake with the maximum amount that can be played on each line, then you can end up winning the largest progressive jackpot that is up for grabs. The bonus features in the Mega Moolah resembles that of Wheel of Fortune slot. There is one large wheel that you will spin and get rewards based on the point that it stops.

How to Win in Mega Moolah Slot

Enthusiastic gamers go for the progressive jackpots because of the low RTP (88.12%) of this slot. To maximize your winnings, bet on all the paylines so that you can win large amounts in case you are lucky enough to get the winning combos during the bonus feature. The wheel to be spun is ordinary.  Don’t tense while spinning it.

If it stops on the spot with the white segment, then the highest tier jackpot worth $1 million is yours. Enter the bonus games first to be eligible to compete for the series of jackpots in this slot.

Also, count on the multipliers that the Lion and the Monkey icons have. In most slots landing five icons on a single payline pays more. This is the same with the Mega Moolah free.

Mega Moolah is filled with loads of fun and other fantastic prizes that gamers can win. It doesn’t disappoint. Even the players who walk away losers are given consolation prizes hence making it a win-win situation for both the gamers and the developers of this slot.

Play more of Mega Moolah slot to earn real money. Press the relevant buttons and wait to discover your wins.

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Double Bubble

Double Bubble Slot

Let’s go old school with the Double Bubble that has five reels and 20 paylines. Its name tells it all. It is a bubble-themed slot which is made up of a few classic fruit icons. The kind of animations used both in its back and foreground support its theme that showcases an endless stream of bubbles with a nice color selection floating upwards.

Most of these old school slots often have bigger wins. Double Bubble isn’t lagging. It has RTP of  96.02% proving that the returns are also hefty, that is, for the players who get the right combos that issue wins.

Playing with the coins per line is allowed, as long as you do not surpass the maximum limits, and you do not bet below the required amounts too. The Double Bubble casino slot online allows its gamers to play from €0.01 to €10.0 in a single spin. This sets the least bet amount at €0.01 while the highest at €200.

Double Bubble Symbols and Features

Traditional symbols are common in Double Bubble game. It has a collection of fruit symbols ranging from plums, cherries, grapes, watermelons, and oranges. Other additional icons including the Super Sevens, Golden Bells and the Bar icons are added to this mix.

The slot also has a jackpot that is the highest payout. Multiple bonus features are also present so trigger more of them and walk away with some great wins. Check out the impressive payouts that the following symbols have to offer.

  • Double Bubble Logo- The Double Bubble is the wild. It awards the jackpot worth 20,000x the bet when five of its symbols are correctly matched. Four pay 500 times the bet, three awards 100 times the stake and two of its icon pay 20 times. To award more potentials wins, the Double Bubble replaces all the other symbols except the ones that offer the bonuses.
  • Super Seven and Golden Bell Icons- These two icons are the second highest paying ones. Both of them reward 500 times the stake for matching five of their symbols. You will win 200 times your bet per line when you match four of its icons.
  • Bar Icons- In the category of the Bar icons, the Green, Blue, Double and the Single one and the Pink Single are those that pay the highest. The three of them award 500 times the bet for five matching icons. Matching four of the Green Bar icons and the Pink Single Bar icon award 100 and 50 ties the bet respectively.
  • Fruit Icons- The fruit symbols in the free Double Bubble pay the lowest. The Plums and the Oranges pay 200 the bet for five matching icons. The pay for the Cherries, Grapes and the Watermelons are relatively low. Five of their matching icons award 100 times the stake. Basically, all the fruit symbols pay 20 times the bet for four matching icons.

Winning in Double Bubble Slot

While playing the Double Bubble for real money, try and get more of the symbols inside the floating bubbles. Combos are formed every time that the symbols will be added, and you will be awarded awesome multipliers and bonus rounds that equals the current active lines that you have.

For example, if you played on 30 paylines, your multiplier will shoot to 32 times, and you also stand a chance of winning some huge payouts. The Double Bubble game never fails; two bonus features and a progressive jackpot are just enough to land you fortunes.

Its jackpots worth $20,000 is not that hard to get; it only requires you to target five of the Double Bubble icons. The Super Sevens, Golden Bell and the Bar are also very reliable. Getting 500 times your bet has been made that easy.

The fruits symbols which have a lower pay can still supplement your winnings from the others. Triggering the winning combinations is easy. This is what makes the big difference between this slot and the others. Here, some of its symbols only require you to match two of their icons to forms the combos that win.

Break the multitask of choosing your coin sizes and stakes every time by using the autoplay feature. If you find it not working for you, you can stick to spinning the reels manually.

Double Bubble is here for you. Download it on your mobile phones, desktops, or Mac Books to enjoy playing the Double Bubble Slot machine online to win money.

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Twin Spin

Twin Spin Slot

It is always a good thing to play to unique games, and that is exactly what NetEnt is all about. The casinos online giant is offering a new slot coming with great prizes and opportunities. Twin Spin slot by NetEnt is the new deal which you should try out. Just as the name implies, twins are always a good reward to families. It’s your time to get a huge prize as well. While you do this, you will also have a good chance enjoy great fun.

In order to help you in your desire to win real money, we have decided to write this all-inclusive slot review about the slot. We have tried to touch every part of the game by giving you the inherent principles that you need to keep and follow. What is needed from your own side is the willingness to get to know all the rules and tips, and subsequently move on to play the pokie. If you are ready to embark on this journey to win real money, then come with us.

Doubling Features

Twin Spin casino slot online comes with many great and amazing features. The slot has 5 reels and 243 ways of winning. You have here 10 levels of betting. The highest coin size that you will see is 0.5 while the lowest coin size is 0.01 per payline. With this, you can see for yourself that this pokie is for everyone regardless of their financial strength because it covers a very wide range of betting amount. In addition, you should remember that this game is similar to other slots when it comes to stake and returns. Just like it is the case with many casino games, your payout is directly proportional to the value of stake you make. That is, if your bet amount is high, you should expect to get a higher prize. However, if your bet amount is low, your prize will not be as high as when your stake is high. It is just like saying, whatever you sow, you shall reap.

Having said that, one great opportunity that you now have is the jackpot. Hitting the jackpot in this pokie should be your target. No more, no less; you have to hit this jackpot of 1,000x. You can see, so much and awesome! This pokie also promises to be a great and rewarding one based on the value of the return to the player. It has an RTP of 96,55%, and with this, you can be sure that you have a good chance to win some money for yourself and be happy.

Let’s See the Great Symbols

As you play Twin Spin slot machine online, you will definitely come across a lot of great symbols that have a high payout value. Some of these outstanding icons include a cherry, a diamond, a bell, a red seven, a wild symbol, and a bar. Together, all these great symbol combinations give you the platform to win the real money that you so much desire and wish for.

The wild icon has the substitution ability that it deploys to replace all the icons in the slot without a single exception.

The Great Bonus Features

In Twin Spin game, there are a lot of bonuses for you. You need to use the bonus features to your advantage and be happy with yourself. Some of the features are discussed below:

  • Whooping Ways of Winning

As we have stated earlier in this review, the game has 243 ways of winning, and the effect of this is that it is absolutely possible for you to win, once you can hit any matching icons in the adjacent reels.

  • Utilise The Twin Spin Feature

This is exactly a great deal. It’s the unique feature that you have been waiting for. This is how it works: 2 of the reels will always spin completely together and have identical icons. When you hit the Spin button, you will see that Twin reels can go triple, quadruple or even take over the full playfield! It is better than free spins!

Give It a Try!

It is good that you have the opportunity to read this Twin Spin free review at this very important time. You have now seen how you can use what you just learn to win amazingly large jackpots. This adventure promises to be a rewarding one, you need to embark on the journey as soon as possible. With a return to player of 96.55%, the game is worth trying out. Therefore, go ahead and play Twin Spin for real money.

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Cleopatra Slot

Software developers love Egypt; maybe because the great African nation is home to a lot of ancient things. Cleopatra slot is another marvellous game that is living in Egypt. In fact, Cleopatra is the last Pharaoh according to the history, as you may know, there are some treasures left by the ancient leaders of Egypt, it is now time for you to get this for yourself and make some big wins.

So, Cleopatra game will refresh your memory about what history says, but as you do this, you also have the opportunity to get an incredible chance to win real money and win big. A super prize that you hardly get anywhere else, IGT makes happening for you. Not only that but playing the casino game will also give you great fun like no other. The kind of fun that you will not like to miss anytime and anywhere. Knowing the importance of this pokie, we have decided to write a holistic review that will get you acquainted to the nitty-gritty of the game. All is needed from your own side is to read further.

Check out the Amazing Attributes

As you already know by now, Cleopatra casino slot online features a scatter, wild, free spins. It has 5 reels and 20 ways of winning. All play lines are adjusting, and you can bet from 1 to 500 credits per line. You should note that just like it is the case with many casinos online games, your payout is directly proportional to the value of stake you make. It means that the higher your stakes, the higher your prize. The jackpot in this game is 10,000x. That’s a huge one, and it for you to win. As a matter of fact, coordinating your play very well will give you the opportunity to hit this jackpot; don’t miss that opportunity. Your chance of winning big is very high because the return to player (RTP) of the pokie is 95.7%.

Utilising the Great Symbols

As you play this pokie, you will get to see outstanding symbols that come with fantastic prizes. They are of varying values. You will see the high-value ones, and the low-value icons as well. The symbols that come with high values in this pokie that you should always look out for are Cleopatra herself, the papyrus sprouts, the Eye of Ra, a scarab beetle, the table with hieroglyphs, the pharaoh attributes and the Sphinx.

The Great Bonus Features

The Cleopatra free can boast of a lot of great bonus features that will be discussed in the following subsections.

  • Free Spins

For you to trigger the free spin feature, you need to hit at least 3 of the Sphinx icons combination anyplace on the reels. Through this bonus round, you will have an opportunity to increase your prize up to 3 times what you have. In fact, if you can hit 3 more Sphinx, you will also get 15 free spins to yourself. Keep on hitting the scatter icon to get even more free spins as you play Cleopatra for real money. The maximum number of free spins you can get is 180.

There is also a bonus feature, and it is good to note that if you hit 5 of the scatter icon on the reels, you can have the prospect of boosting your prize by 100x.

  • Using The Non-Winning Spin

Do you know that you can also utilise the non-winning spin for something? You can use them to trigger a second chance to win a great prize for yourself. Apart from this, you can also hit 5 of the mega jackpots icons that are on the centre payline within the base game, and you will win the huge prize for yourself.

Play, Enjoy and Win Big

So, now you know all the rules and tips of Cleopatra. It is now time to move into action and move towards earning money as you play Cleopatra slot machine online. No more waiting. Hit the spin button, and your winning and enjoyment season has started. With a return to player of (RTP) of 95.7%, you cannot afford to miss this game. And don`t forget about jackpots!

Indeed, this game is worth trying out. It’s a 3 in 1 game! First, you will learn from history. Second, you will win big prizes, and third, you will enjoy super fun. Great, isn’t it?

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Thunderstruck Slot

There are many casino games which are completely based on myths. We have reviewed a lot of them and to say the reality, the games are always fruitful. The Thunderstruck slot is made by Microgaming, and it is based on the myths. Specifically, this is one is based on the tales of the Norse mythology.

Playing the Thunderstruck game will provide you with the avenue to make real money that you sincerely desire. Not only will you win the great prize, but you will also have a good opportunity to catch a lot of fun. Knowing the importance of this slot in your quest for making money, we have decided to write slot review to help as you decide to play the game. This review is inclusive enough, and it has all the essentials of the game. So, all that you need to do now is to relax and read every single sentence that is in this review. If you are ready, here we go!

The Incredible Features

Thunderstruck casino slot online is one of the most rewarding slots on offer in the casinos online world today. The game has 5 reels and 9 paylines. It has the wild, scatter and free spins features. The least value of coins in a line is 1 while the highest number of coins that you see on a line is 5. Aside from this, the coins size varies from 0.01 to 1. Note that the rule that applies to practically every casino game also applies to this pokie as well concerning the relationship between the betting amount and the payout – it is directly proportional. One feature that makes this pokie one of the most amazing casino games online and slot players’ favourite is the jackpot. The game has a jackpot of 10,000x. Imagine that you are able to hit this jackpot, you are in big money. To tell you the truth, hitting this jackpot is as simple as a pie from the moment when you are able to coordinate your gameplay well, following the fundamental rules and tips of the game. In addition to the great features that have been stated above, your high chance of getting a prize by playing this game is confirmed by the fact that the return to player (RTP) is 96.1%.

The Outstanding Symbols

As you play Thunderstruck for real money, you will get to see outstanding symbols that come with great prizes. Although the values of these icons vary, some of the icons that will give you great earnings and which you should be aiming to see include huntsman’s horn, a bolt of lightning, Thor’s famous hammer, Thor’s hand, and the castle of Truth that is on Asgard. There are also some low-value icons which are represented by the playing cards. The special icons in the game include a pair of rams which is used to depict the scatter. The other one is Thor himself who serves as the wild icon.

Play to Get the Bonus

This pokie is characterised by great bonuses that you can utilise to boost your prize in the long run. At the Thunderstruck free they are discussed as follow:

  • Free Spins

If you are able to hit 3 or more of the Rams scatter icons anyplace on the play lines, you will get 15 free spins for yourself. During the free spins round, you can increase your reward with an x3 multiplier.

  • The Thor Wild

The wild icon as depicted by Thor has the ability to substitute for all the icons in the slot with the exception of the Ram scatter. Doing so, the wild can complete the winning combination and it will increase the prize you won by a multiplier of 2x.

The Gamble Feature

At this point in time, you have the opportunity to gamble your winnings, but you have to be careful here because it is not certain that you will get a prize if you gamble the winnings you already have. Therefore, it is good to let you know beforehand that the chances of winning and losing are equal. It is either you get an incredibly great prize, or you lose all you have worked for.

If you predict the colour of the card correctly, you will get 2x to increase your cash. If you predict the suit correctly, you will have 4x to increase your prize. However, if you hit the wrong button, you will lose all your prize.

Let the Thunder Strike

Now that you have read about all mysteries of this game, there is no more time to wait. Microgaming made the slot, we help you by providing a review, and the only thing you need from your own side is to do the remaining work that is “play”. With a return to player of 96.1% and a jackpot of 10,000, you need to play Thunderstruck slot machine online.

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Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk Slot

Children’s stories are always good to tell. It sounds great for a father or mother to tell their children the stories they want to hear. In order to pass this message of kids and what they stand for better, NetEnt has created a slot that dwells on children stories. Jack and the Beanstalk slot is one in town, and you will truly appreciate it by the time you lay your hands on it. Not only will you get comfort from having a virtual experience of being a hero, but you will also have the real-time opportunity to win huge money.

Having realised the importance of this Jack and the Beanstalk game, we have decided to write a comprehensive review of it. This review has made things easier for you because it will give you every single thing that you need to know about this pokie. All you need to do from your side is just to sit back and read everything to the end. If you are ready for this short exercise, then, here we go!

Great Features

Jack and the Beanstalk casino slot online has the special features of scatter, wild, free spins. It has 5 reels and 20 play lines. You can choose your betting level from 10 possible. At the same time, the least value of coins size is 0.01 while the highest value of coins size is 0.5. Don’t forget that fundamental rule that the more the bet amount you put in as your stake in this game, the higher the amount you will win. As you play this incredible pokie, you have every opportunity to hit the jackpot. In fact, if you coordinate your gameplay very well by following the rules and tips, you will hit this maximum payout of 1,000x. That is 1000 times your initial stake. Aside from this, your chance of winning big is very high because the return to player (RTP) of this pokie is 96.28%. If you are now able to hit the jackpot which is 1,000x, life becomes awesome. As you play Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine online, the high-value symbols that you will come across include a watering can, a skinny cow, an axe, the Giant, and Jack himself. The scatter icon is denoted by a treasure chest while the wild icon is denoted by the game’s logo.

The Gameplay

Use the “Level” button to select the level of the bet you want to stake in this game. After doing this, you can use the Coin Value button to regulate the amount of the coin size that you want. The Max Bet button will help you set the maximum amount of bet that is possible, and this will obviously give you the prospect of winning the highest possible payout in this casino online. To start playing the game, click on the Spin button. Finally, you can use the Autoplay button to create an automatic spin for any number of time that you want.

Unleashing the Bonus Features

  • Walking Wild

To get this bonus, you only need to ensure that wild icons appear on the reels. This will give you free spins. After this, the wild can move a place in the left direction, this will give you another free spin round. You can continue to get this until the wild icon completely leaves.

  • Free Spins

The moment you are able to hit at least three of the treasure chests anyplace on the reel, you have successfully triggered the Jack and the Beanstalk free spins feature. With this, you will have 10 free spins for yourself, and you will also get an additional five free spins if you hit another 3 treasure chest images.

  • Treasure Collection

In addition to all above, you can also get amazing prizes by collecting keys on the reel 5. If you do this, you will have access to the following:

  1. Collecting three keys will make the next wild in line to become a Stack, that will bring you 2 money bags.
  2. Combination of six keys – the next wild icons will become a stack of 3 golden hens.
  3. Collect nine keys and the next wild in line will turn to an expanding wild, and it will reveal a golden harp that can offer big prizes for you.

Try It out

You have read how you can take advantage of the opportunity that NetEnt is offering with this pokie. We think this is your time to win and win big. With a return to player of 96.28% and a jackpot of 1,000x, you don`t need to wait any longer. Just go ahead to play Jack and the Beanstalk for real money.

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Lucky 88 Slots

Lucky 88 Slot Review

The Lucky 88 game from Aristocrat is giving you everything you need to know about China and the Chinese culture. Not only that, as you play the Lucky 88 Slot, you will have also have a fair shot to win a big jackpot. In addition, you will get the fun that you so much desire and enjoy the feeling of playing a game to satisfy yourself. To this end, we are giving you the prospect you deserve to win great prizes. This is why we have taken our time to write a holistic review that covers every detail of the pokie. All you need to do right now is to relax, read the review carefully, digest what you have read very well and then go ahead to apply them to make big things happen. Join us as we move on in this trip to share the tips with you.

The Great Attributes

This is one of the unique pokies in this world, and the fact speaks for itself. Lucky 88 casino slot online has 5 reels and a 25 ways of winning. The game has a scatter, wild, and free spins features. You can put only 1 coin per line, but keep in mind that here play lines are adjustable. The least value of coins size that you can have is 0.01 while the highest value of coins size you can place in the pokie is 4. This game also exhibits the quality of all other casinos online slots in that the relationship between the betting amount and the payout that you can get is directly proportional. It means that if your bet amount is high, you should expect to get a higher prize. However, if your bet amount is low, then you will have a lower prize as well. If you follow the rules and tips that we are giving you in this review, you have the prospect of hitting the jackpot of 888x in this game. Also, note that your chance of winning and having a return on your stake is very high because the return to player (RTP) of the pokie is 97%.

Highly Rewarding Symbols

As you play Lucky 88 for real money, you will see that you have a great chance. Some of the symbols which you will encounter as you play include a Golden lion statue, Chinese heron, a Golden totem, a Great drum and a golden Pagoda tower. These icons are the high paying icons in the pokie. Other symbols available, but which have low values include a 9, 10, K, Q, J, and A.

The wild symbol is denoted by the joyful Chinese emperor, and he possesses the substitution ability of every other wild icon you have known. And also this one will give you reward up to twice, three times, 5 times, eight times, 38 times and 88 times of the prize you have won. The scatter icon is denoted by a Chinese lantern, and its combinations trigger the bonus feature.

Bonus Features That Bring Luck

It’s now time to carefully become acquainted with the Lucky 88 free bonus features. So simple and direct, just read further.

  • Extra Choice

It gives you the opportunity to pay a token for a spin and get a promoted feature of the free spins and also have an alternative to playing a dice game. It only costs five coins for each free spin.

  • The Free Spins with Extra Choice

This feature is triggered by hitting at least 3 of the scatter icons, that are, the Chinese lanterns anyplace on the reel. Below are listed prizes that you will get:

Twenty-five free spins and x5 or x18 wild multiplier

Fifteen free spins and x8 or x38 wild multiplier

Eight free spins and x18 or x88 wild multiplier

Four free spins and x88 wild multiplier

  • The Free Spins without Extra Choice

For the free spins without extra choice, you will get the following:

Twenty free spins and x5 or x18 wild multiplier

Ten free spins and x8 or x38 wild multiplier

Three free spins and x18 or x88 wild multiplier

  • The Dice Feature of the Extra Choice

Instead of the free spins, you can use the round of the dice-rolling game. You can roll the dice 8 dice 3 times.

Gamble Wisely

If you wish to gamble your prize to have an opportunity to increase it tremendously, then hit the Gamble button. You then see a screen where you are to guess the colour of a card or the suit. If you predict the colour right, your prize will increase by 2x. If you predict the suit correctly, you will increase the prize by 4x. It should be noted that a wrong guess will make you lose your rewards. So, gamble wisely.

Give It a Try

Not only is this pokie unique, but it is also rewarding. With what you have read so far, you will agree with us that you need to play Lucky 88 slot machine online and get all the cash it offers. The deal becomes sealed when you realise that it has a return to player of 97% and a jackpot of 888x.

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Ghostbusters Slot Review

Have you seen the blockbuster 1984 movie Ghostbusters? If yes, the excitement you enjoyed in the movie is just the beginning when compared to that which you will on Ghostbusters video slot from IGT software provider. This Ghostbusters casino slot online is ready to take you into the fictitious world where you will be able to save the world by battling ghosts of different forms. You will get to play with characters such as the Marshmallow Man, Slimer, and the entire Ghostbusters team.

IGT manufactured Ghostbusters slot with 5reels on 3 rows, and 30 paylines that may extend to 40 during the Stay Puft free spins. Your gameplay will be accompanied by the exciting theme song in the original movie, and you will inevitably get sucked into the fun world of action and comedy.

This game is bonus-packed as it comes with up to 5 progressive jackpots and 3 bonus rounds. Other game boosters include varieties of wildcards, multipliers, free spins, and the wheel of fortune bonus rounds.

Ghostbusters slot online is not just fun to see and play; it also offers players a chance to win extra cash in the real money mode. In other words, you may decide to spice up your gameplay with some bets which range from 50p to $30. Now let us check out some rules and tips to winning here.

Hilarious Superheroes

You get to play Ghostbusters free casino slot online on five reels arranged on three rows, and up to 30 paylines are ready to activate your winning combinations. Know that for you to win on this video slot, you must land at least three icons of the same kind within one of the patterned paylines.

All the icons on this slot can be sourced back to the film as you will get to play with Egon Spengler, Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Winston Zeddmore, and Louis Tully. Other icons include the proton pack, the rescue ambulance, the ghost trap, the Ecto goggles, and the P.K.E. meter. Note that all these icons pay differently as the significant characters pay way higher than other symbols.

Apart from the fact that some icons pay more than others, some are even more lucrative as they serve as a trigger for some bonus rounds and jackpots. Let us check out some of these in the next section of this review.

Super Bonus Features

Just like we said earlier in this review, Ghostbusters game comes packed with a bunch of game boosters, and these include:

  •   Ballroom Buster: This special round takes you into a ballroom where you will give up to five chances to bust some ghosts in secret places that they are hiding with your proton pack, just as it is in the movie. Here, each ghost you reveal awards your cash rewards, and if you are lucky enough, you can unlock up to 5x multiplier with a ghost busted. This feature triggers with slimmer bonus icons and two ghost bonus symbols.
  •    Stay Puft: This special feature adds to the thrill by making marshmallows fall from the upper part of the reels. Once any of these marshmallows stick to an icon, that icon automatically turns into a wildcard and a multiplier, in other words, such symbol doubles your wins when it contributes to a winning combination. Note that this feature triggers with at least two ghost bonus and Stay Puft bonus icons, and it also offers eight free spins playable on 40 paylines.
  •   Psychic Feature: This is like a gamble feature, but in this case, you do not have to risk all your earnings to play. What happens here is that you will be asked to pick a card and if this card’s suit matches the one Dr. Venkman is holding, he offers you cash rewards.
  •    Paranormal Picks: This is a form of “pick me” mini-game where you can win huge progressive jackpots by picking from green ghost clouds. Slimer will lead you on this, and you have up to 5 selections. Note that you are guaranteed a sure win if you stake the highest bet for this gameplay.
  •   Slimer Teaser Cash: This feature triggers randomly with Slimer showing up teasingly to award you with multipliers, this increases from 2x to 5x your original stake. Do not expect much from this bonus feature though.

Ghostbusters to the Rescue

Like we said earlier, you can play Ghostbusters for real money or for free; however, the real money mode can only be activated with 50p to $30 per line. Payment can be made via any valid means of making online payments. Also, action buttons such as autoplay, spin, and the max bet will ensure that you have smooth gameplay. The autoplay icon allows you to bet for as many times as you want with just one click and the max bet button plays the game with the highest wager attainable. Expect a payout of around 96% as RTP.


Feel free to play Ghostbusters slot machine online on IGT casinos online; it comes with exciting gameplay and very lucrative special rounds. You can play this pokie for free or for real money; it is all about the excitement, enjoy!

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Pompeii Slot Review

Pompeii video slot by Aristocrat offers you a chance to take a trip back to the medieval world where swords, shields, helmets and several other crude tools of war were the tools of warfare. However, as you already know if you are a student of history that the epic story of the ancient city of Pompeii is not about that of a war between humans, it is that of man against nature and life disaster – in this case, a volcanic eruption that levelled the entire city.

This game was designed by Aristocratic not only to give you the thrill of history, but it also comes with a chance for you to win some extra cash, and this can be done only when you play Pompeii for real money. Note that playing for real money comes with a risk, and that is a bet which ranges from £0.50 to £125 per spin. And if you are wondering whether you are going to win at all, relax, as game boosters such as free spins, multipliers, and wildcards abound to skyrocket your winning chances.

This game is compatible with mobile devices, and you can always run it on your mobile phones using Adobe Flash Player anytime and anywhere. Now we will give you some tips on the rules of the game.

Doomsday Not Today

The view of this game shows a fair quality of graphics, and Pompeii free pokie machine online is couched in casinos online on 5 reels with 3 rows and up to 243 ways you can win – which serves as payline. On the screen when you play Pompeii slot machine online, you will get to use icons such as chariots, a Roman helmet, the volcano, an armor, a gold coin, swords, an amulet, and card suit icons such as A, J, Q, and K.

Also, the thrill of the gameplay makes a form of powerful shake on the reels to give you the feeling like the volcano was going to erupt. Now some icons are more rewarding than others, the only similarity they all have, however, is that they pay when at least 3 of a kind icons appear side by side from the left to the right-hand side of the screen — Aristocrat terms this 243 winning pattern as Reel Power.

The Treasure under the Volcano

Now let us check out the bonus feature, as you already know, wildcards, scatter, and multipliers about, but we are going to show you how to make use of them for your jackpot wins.

  •    Wildcards: The wildcard here is the volcano, this icon is one of the most lucrative on Pompeii casino slot online as it helps to complete other icons’ winning combination. The only symbol it cannot substitute is the gold coin which is the scatter. Note that the volcano only appears on reels 2 and 4, if the wildcard contributes to a win on reel 2 – it multiplies the gain by three, if it adds to the benefit on reel 4 – it increases the success by 5, and if it contributes to wins on both reels two and four, it gives out a massive 15 times multiplier.
  •    Scatter Effect: As we said earlier, the gold coin is the scatter symbol, and it is the only trigger to the free spins feature on Pompeii. It gives out 10, 15, and 20 free spins for 3, 4, and 5 of its kind respectively. Note that this gold coin can trigger free spins wherever it appears on the screen, and it can also be retriggered even during the free spins. What is more exciting than this?

The Price That Must Be Paid

If you are playing Pompeii slot for free, you do not need any extra risk, just run the game and enjoy, however, if you wish to play for real money, you are required to stake bets in the form of valid online deposits. Make sure you use the action buttons provided to make your gameplay smooth, these buttons include the autoplay, spin, and the max bet options. The spin button is a one-time gameplay rules trigger, max bet allows you to stake the highest wager possible with one click, and autoplay will enable you to bet repeatedly for as long as you want with just a single click of the button.

The payout of this slot is also quite friendly as it gives out around 96% RTP. Feel free to access Pompeii on desktops and mobile devices; it is compatible with Tablets, Androids, iOS, Windows Phones, etc.


Pompeii is an online slot machine from Aristocrat; it tells the tale of a peaceful city that has fallen by a drastic volcanic eruption. You get to enjoy the game in both the free and the real money modes, and bonus features such as free spins, multipliers, and wildcards are ready to skyrocket your winning chances, enjoy!

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Casino Royale

Casino Royale Slot Review

If you are looking for a video slot that portrays elegance and royalty, Casino Royale by Gameplay Interactive is that slot machine you are looking for. This game comes with a smooth and glowing interface; it simply shows the 3D version of most of the character icons you will ordinarily find on card suit icons such as Queen, King, Jack, etc. You will surely love the view of riches and fortunes of a royal family on this five reels and 30 paylines slot machine.

Before you play Casino Royale slot machine online, you have to determine whether you want to play for fun or real money. However, it is advisable you play the free or demo mode as it gives you a chance to know all the rudiments and requirements of the game. If you like the gameplay and the view, you can then proceed to spice things up with some bets. Note now that gambling is a game of luck so do not play solely to get rich, play for the fun and earn some spare cash.

This game comes with very few bonus features. However, it has a unique Wheel of Fortune bonus round that offers lucrative multipliers to boost your earnings. Feel free to run this slot at any Gameplay Interactive casinos online on your mobile devices without the need to download anything. Let’s check out the reels.

The Regal Kingdom

You must be wondering what the icons you will use for your gameplay look like, do not worry if you are a fan of royalty and shiny fortune figures, you are going to love what you will see. On Casino Royale casino slot online, you will get to see icons such as a crown, jewels of all sort, and card suit icons such as J, k, Q, etc. poker chips, and the noble family characters.

However, all the icons of Casino Royale game do not pay the same rewards and some pay way higher than others. Of all the symbols on the slot, the regal family pays the highest, the jewels and crowns are next in the line of value, and the card suits are the least paying icons. The only thing that all these icons have in common, however, is that every one of the symbols pays a player once at least 3 of a kind appears on any of the paylines. Only the King icon pays for 2 icons combination and is, in fact, the jackpot hitter, if you can land 5 of the King’s kind, you will go home with up to 3500 cash reward.

Like we said earlier, Casino Royale comes with five reels on 3 rows and up to 30 paylines, these paylines work in such a way that if you can land 3 icons of a kind that appear from your left-hand side to your right you win a cash price.

The Fortune Wheel

This Casino Royale slot machine does not come with so many unique features, it, comes with serious and straightforward gameplay, but it has game boosters such as the wheel of fortune effect and the double up feature.

  •  Wheel of Fortune: This feature is usually triggered randomly, you will be allowed to spin the roulette wheel for a win of cash prizes and multiplier effects. There are not many monetary rewards here, but your wins will surely count as something in your bank account.
  •  Double Up: This feature allows you to gamble your earnings for a double of it. This feature is usable every time you make a win on the slot, and you can give it a try if you are feeling extra lucky. Here, you will be asked to guess the suit of a faced-down card, if you guess right, you get a double of your current earnings, but if you guess wrong, you lose all. Be careful while using this feature.

Go Home with Some Regal Riches

Like we said earlier, you have to choose whether you want to play Casino Royale for real money or for free. If you are playing for real money, you will get to bet with a fixed amount of wager; however, you can adjust the coin value from 0.05 to 5.00.

The gameplay of Casino Royale is also quite simple, and all you need to do is to adjust the coin value and press any of the action buttons that suits your play. The action buttons include spin, autoplay, and max bet – autoplay allows you to bet repeatedly for as long as you want with just one click.

Ensure you follow the tips and game rules we provided in this review if you want to succeed in playing this slot and note that the RTP is around 96%.


Casino Royale free video slot from Gameplay Interactive gaming platform is a regal themed slot, it comes with lucrative icons that pay you well when you play for real money. Feel free to access the slot on your mobile devices, and although there are no free spins or wildcards, game boosters such as gamble feature and wheel of fortune are ready to skyrocket your luck.

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