Welcome to one of the best bits – the games section! After all, this is what has led you online in the first place; your love of casino games! There are absolutely millions of excellent casino games online but casino sites don’t even stop at offering you the traditional treats! Sure they have blackjack and roulette, slots and craps, baccarat and video poker and so much more, but they also provide you with fantastically funky little variations of each and every one of these casino staples!

To ensure that you know what the very basics are, we have included a little summary of the most popular casino games, but it is up to you to get yourselves to grips with the different variations! Utilize that Demo Play mode offered by 99% of online casinos so that you know exactly what you are doing before you unleash yourself on the games!

Top Dog

Top Dog Slot Review

In the event that you are fond of dog shows, then you will love Top Dog slot game. It is one of the best gambling games provided and developed by Arrows Edge. The design of this title is attractive.

When you open this slot game, then you will be taken to a dog show where you will come across poodles, chocolate Labradors along with bulldogs.

Other things are also incorporated in this casino machine. It has five reels and 25 play lines. It provides a jackpot of 8000 coins which is eye-catching.

On the off chance that 3 or more Chocolate Labradors appear all at once then you can win free spins. The wild symbol of this slot game is the Bull Dog. It will switch all other symbols to provide a winning combination.

The interface of this slot is simple, and every button is present for a different purpose. You can play Top Dog for real money whenever you want on several casinos online. The mobile version of this slot is also readily accessible.

The players can enjoy it on their small or big screens at any time. It surely has to provide a bonus round. The RTP of Top Dog casino slot online is quite good.

How to Play the Game?

When you are going to play Top Dog slot machine online, then you need to know about its rules and steps. For the slot fans, it would not be problematic to play it. In case, you are a novice player, then no issue! We have mentioned the basic steps as follows:

  1. Firstly, you need to know that the play lines are not fixed. So, it is important for you to choose the pay line which you want to activate.
  2. You have to decide how much to bet for each pay line. There are arrowhead buttons through which you can control the bet.
  3. After completing the above 2 steps, you have to click on the “SPIN” button.

There is an auto-play feature which enables you to keep spinning the reels. To win a big payout, you have to keep on getting the combination of symbols on the active pay lines.

In the event that you want to get more information regarding the payouts and bonus features, then you should click on the button of “INFO”.

Always keep in mind that the high-value symbols are related to the subject of this slot. These symbols incorporate a group of women, the Poodle, Doberman pinscher, and different dogs.

On the other hand, the lower value symbols are the playing cards which incorporate 9, 10, J, Q, A, and K.

As mentioned above, the bulldog is the wild symbol which you have to target on 2, 3 and 4 reels only. It cannot become a substitute of the scatter but all other symbols.

In case, you are interested in entering the free spins bonus round then you have to target the scatters on the reels. The best feature of Top Dog game is that it is associated with the random jackpot.

How to Win the Game?

The players can start betting from 0.01$ to 225$ for each spin. However, it depends on the play lines you will activate as well as the bet amount on every pay line.

The betting options are convenient for every punter and gambler. Due to this reason, Top Dog slot is able to catch the eyes of all.

However, there are a number of tips which the players can access on diverse websites. These tips are profitable for all players whether punters or gamblers. At the moment, we have specified them below:

  • You should be greedy while setting the bet and play lines. Always go for the lower bets to stay under budget.
  • It is advised that you play this slot game a couple of times for free.
  • Free spins are provided through the scatters so try to land it on the reels.
  • When you are not familiar with the rules, then do not set the bet with real money.


After having a glance at the above review, you can understand that it is like other amazing casino machines that provide good jackpots and free spins.

You can get to win the big jackpot as well as get entry into the free spins bonus round. This bonus round provides you with diverse chances to win big. It surely has an intuitive interface while big payout chances are provided.

The individuals who are fond of amusing slot machines will definitely prefer it. The graphics and sound effects are able to boost up the enjoyment of the players.

The high rollers can win large payouts as the random jackpot is provided. In a nutshell, Top Dog free or real money is a good option for both free and real money players.

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Centurion Slot Review

Centurion is one of those cool slot machines that are designed by Inspired Gaming. It is based on ancient Rome. There are beautiful mountains of gold present in this slot game.

Also, it has been filled with wonders which you will love to experience. It has a grid of five reels and twenty play lines. It has the capacity to draw you in with its amazing bonus features.

In this game, you will also find different modifiers. On the off chance that you are playing in the free demo mode, then you will win virtual money prizes.

However, when you play Centurion for real money, then you will win actual money prizes. The sharp jawlines are waiting for you in the arena. The RTP of this game is 95 per cent.

The reels of this slot game will spin amid cracked columns under the Maximum Winnus Banner at the top, and there is a blue sky to make things amazing. The players will need to get a combination of symbols to get a win.

How to Play the Game?

Centurion casino slot online is not so hard to play at all. You have to adjust the bet and then start spinning the reels. In this way, you can easily play Centurion slot machine online. There are diverse bonuses accessible in this slot machine.

There are 4 diverse feature games which you can unlock while playing your game. All these bonus games are exceptional. The bonus symbol is the fighter clad in the uniform who is striking his sword.

When you want to trigger any bonus game, then you have to target a minimum 3 bonus symbols on the pay line.

After opening the slot game in your browser of desktop or mobile device, you will be taken to the wheel. You will need to spin the wheel to get a win. The mini-bonus games are specified below.

Road to Rome

There is another meaty bonus level which will provide you with a good payout. The individuals will need to go to their Centurion over the board to go to Rome.

It has a couple of multipliers dotted about and central tile which is “GO TO ROME”. Nonetheless, there is no guarantee that you will roll the dice for some time to make it there. In the event that you manage it in any way, then you will get a big winning.

Prizes on Parade

In the event that you win this feature, then you will come across 4 soldiers. The 3 of these soldiers have their shields facing you. All of them are covered up with the multipliers as well as gather symbols.

The shields will go through these results. You just have to make a decision to stop them. However, the parade will finish in just a couple of minutes and provide you 50x multipliers.

Free Spins of Caesar

The free spins are provided in a big number along with a multiplier in this bonus round. With the help of this round, you can get a huge payout for sure. It is quite an inspiring round.

Wild Power Spins

In this bonus round, the reels can turn into wilds. You will be able to get three spins in a row. The wild symbol will change the positions amid every round. It is quite simple than the other bonuses. However, it can be quite rewarding.

How to Win the Game?

Tips and cheats of Centurion game are available on voluminous casinos online. By using any of these tips and tricks, you can get to win a big payout. These tips and tricks are indicated as follows:

  • It provides good jackpots, but that does not mean you should put all of your money on the reels.
  • Play this slot game for free until you get used to the instructions and rules.

In Centurion slot, the bet will start from 0.20 which is pretty good for the punters. It could be maximized to the higher credits up to 250.

When it comes to the modifiers, then there are total four of them. These modifiers provide small bonuses. They are specified below:

  • Five of a kind – It provides 5 similar types of wins.
  • Big Win – It offers a win incorporating the important Centurion symbol.
  • Super Bonus Reels – The majority of the bonus symbols will be positioned on the reels for 1 spin, maximizing the opportunities of activating the feature.
  • Reelus Maximus – The big 3×3 icons will be positioned on the reels which will be re-evaluated.


By having a glance at the Centurion free review, you will know that every pay line of this slot is fixed. You can easily change the betting amount at any time you want. The graphics will make the slot machine engaging.

Multipliers, free spins, modifiers, and bonus rounds are readily accessible. Progressive jackpots are not given in it. The slot players can enjoy it on any of their devices devoid of any delay.

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Danger High Voltage

Danger High Voltage Slot Review

Danger High Voltage is an interesting video slot machine. It is a popular slot game developed by Big Time Gaming. The features are excellent, and when you start playing it, then you will love it certainly.

There are six reels present in it which are linked with 4096 play lines. The play lines are present in a huge number because of which you will get a winning combination easily.

However, it is a luck-based game so you must not depend on the tips available on diverse casinos online. The element of uncertainty will be there.

Still, you will get many chances to boost up your bankroll. The RTP is 95.67 per cent which is agreeable.

Custom betting options are provided to the players to the maximum. The betting limits start from 0.2 and go up to 40 for each spin.

When you want to play Danger High Voltage for real money, then you have to be quite careful while choosing your bet. The reason behind it is that your winning and losing will depend largely on your bet.

In case, you will choose a low bet then there are chances to lose less. Otherwise, you can lose a lot of money on a single bet. It is advised to every real money player to set the bet to the lowest as possible. In this way, they could not lose a big amount.

When it comes to the bonus features, then there are many in this slot game. The wild and scatter symbols are present that are linked with free spins bonus round and multipliers. To target the free spins and multipliers, it is important to target the main symbols.

On the other hand, this slot machine is mobile optimized which makes it perfect for the mobile gamblers and players. No download is mandatory to play this slot on mobile devices as an instant-play version is available on the casinos online.

The theme of this slot is based on the food. More importantly, it does not give away progressive jackpots at any level. So, the static jackpot lovers should go for it.

How to Play the Game?

The playing instructions and rules of Danger High Voltage casino slot online are comprehensible. When you are about to play Danger High Voltage slot machine online then you need to go through the following steps:

  • You should set the bet within limits. There is a specific button available on the screen through which you can control the bet.
  • When you have decided the bet, then you should start spinning the reels. At the point the reels stop spinning, they will reveal the result. It can be either a win or lose.

When it comes to the special offers, then you need to know that there are different special symbols featured in this slot game. These symbols include golden bells, tacos, disco balls, colourful skulls, and fire wilds.

Nevertheless, the usual playing card symbols are also presented which incorporates 10, 9, K, Q, J and A.

In case, you want to get your hands on the highest multiplier which is 20,000x, then you have to target colourful skulls. The combination of colourful skulls will maximize your winnings. It is an imperative symbol of this slot.

How to Win the Game?

The players who want to get their hands on the highest payout will need to target the love heart. When the players place a higher bet, then a higher payout they will receive by getting a combination of this symbol. All wins are provided from left to right.

Danger High Voltage game is all about the wild symbols. There are diverse types of wild symbols are featured in it which you can land to trigger many wins. When you cover up every pay line with the wild symbol of electricity and fire, then you will win 6x.

The regular symbols will get replaced by it and provide you with a win. The heart symbol is the scatter symbol which will provide free spins.

By getting a combination of three or more scatters on any reels, you will win free spins. The free spins are awarded in the following manner:

  • By unlocking the bonus round of Gates of Hell free spins, you will win 7 free spins.
  • By landing the sticky wild symbols on 2 and 5 reels will provide free spins ranging from 4 to 10.
  • The four sticky wild symbols will provide 3 free spins during the free games.
  • The high voltage free spins will award 15 free spins when the wilds show up on the 2 and 5 reels.


By reading the above review of Danger High Voltage slot, you can know that it is a good slot for all punters. The betting lines are impressive for every player. It has a vivid design and layout. It is a medium to a high variant slot machine.

The free spins are offered in a large number. The multipliers of different values are provided, yet the players can try their luck to win the highest one. Danger High Voltage free is surely a recommendable slot.

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Buffalo Slot by Aristocrat

Buffalo is a video slot which is easily playable on the casinos online that are powered by Aristocrat. It is one of those slot machines that are quite popular in the land-based casinos.

It is not a mobile-friendly game due to which the mobile users cannot enjoy it. The graphics and animations will be speedy on both small and big screens.

However, the loading speed will depend on the internet connection you are using. The players who are fond of fast-paced games will love it. This animal-themed game will take place in the hearts of many slot fans.

Both special and standard symbols are featured in it. By getting a combination of identical symbols, you will get to win a nice payout. The RTP of this slot is 94.85 per cent. Individuals will not find progressive jackpots in it.

The players who want to play Buffalo for real money will be glad to know that there are 1024 ways to get a win in it. The play lines do not exist in it, yet the five reels are present.

The free spins bonus round is an excellent feature of this game. Each player will need 40 credits to purchase all five reels. The free version is also available for which the players do not need to make an account on the casinos online.

Still, the professional gamblers like to invest their money on it as it provides good wins. The payouts are generated from left to right on the contiguous reels. There is no need to make use of tips and tricks to play it as it is a luck-dependent game.

How to Play the Game?

The Buffalo casino slot online provides a nice payout when you get a combination of symbols from left to right. The players can easily select the coin denomination of their choice ranging from 1 cent to 2 Dollars.

After setting the bet, the players can make the reels turn as no pay line is available. The bonus features of this game are mentioned below.

High-paying Symbol

The players can win big amounts by setting the bet to the maximum and targeting the highest paying symbol on the reels.

This high-paying symbol is based on the name of this slot. At the time when the man shouts “Buffalo”, then you will be able to see this animal on your screen.

It is stacked although it might show up diverse times on the particular reel. It is possible to cover up all the reels with this symbol. In case, you succeed in covering the reels with this symbol then you will get a big payout.

Sunset Symbol

It will work as a wild symbol because it can switch places of the standard symbols to activate a win. It must show up on the 2, 3 and 4 reels to provide a big win.

It can also replace the highest paying symbol of this slot. This wild symbol can provide multipliers along with the free spins.

Gold Coin Symbol

It is recognized as the gold coin. You can land this symbol on anywhere on the reels. Nevertheless, it is essential to land at least three of these symbols. This icon is linked with the free spins bonus round. Those who are fond of free spins will need to target it.

All the above-mentioned symbols are able to provide huge wins to every player. The high rollers can go for these symbols to increase their bankroll.

How to Win the Game?

As Buffalo game is based on standard slot rules, due to this reason you have to land the matching symbols. Still, the best bonus feature of this slot is the free spins round.

As mentioned above, it is associated with the scatter symbol that is a gold coin. The details regarding this bonus feature are as follows:

  • By landing 3 scatters, you will get 8 free spins.
  • In case, you land four scatters, then you will win 15 free spins.
  • To win maximum free spins up to 20, you have to cover the reels with 5 scatters.

This free spins bonus round is playable on the same reels as the main game. It comes up with 2 extra features that are not accessible in the main game. To win five additional free spins, you can get 2 scatters on any reels.

When you land the wild symbol in the free spins bonus game, then it will provide 2x or 3x of the multiplier. In this bonus round, you can trigger the free spins again.


When you play Buffalo slot machine online, then you will witness amazing graphics of this slot. Buffalo free is not available in the mobile version yet the players can enjoy it on casinos online. The instant-play version is interesting and engaging for all.

The individuals who are fond of such slots that provide big multipliers and a number of free spins will love it. It is packed up with special symbols, and each of them will offer a unique prize.

The control buttons are available to manage the game. All things considered, it is a suggested slot game.

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Zeus Slot by WMS

Zeus is a nice video slot that has been launched by WMS developers. There are 30 play lines present in it. It is a standard 5-reel slot game that provides diverse winning combinations. It is a rapid moving casino game which is based on the Ancient Greek God.

However, you will get to see Ancient Greek God along with other goddesses. The developers have utilized beautiful shades in it. The surround sound is out-of-the-ordinary. The maximum winning opportunities make it one of the favourites of the slot fans.

The players who want to have an adventurous gaming experience would love it. It is similar to the other slot games as it is dependent on typical rules. The gameplay is understandable.

All you have to do is to check out the rules of the game before you play Zeus for real money. You have to sign-up on the casinos online to play it for real money. Else, you can enjoy the free version devoid of signing up.

When it comes to the RTP, then it has 97 per cent which is great. The developers have focused a lot on the design and functions of this title. For that reason, it has a specific button for a particular function.

The players can manage their game by using these buttons. Progressive jackpots are not available at any level in this slot. Nevertheless, the typical jackpot is good enough to play this title.

How to Play the Game?

Zeus casino slot online is advantageous for every small and big bettor. The instructions to play Zeus slot machine online are easy to remember. We have mentioned them below:

  1. Every pay line of this game is not fixed so the players will need to choose the ones they want to activate. There is a button of “LINES” dedicated to controlling the play lines.
  2. There is a “BET/LINE” button which can be used to set the coin value. The betting line starts at 0.01 and ends at 5.
  3. By pressing the button of “SPIN”, the reels will start spinning.

Many bettors do not have time to concentrate on their game completely. In the event that you are one of them then no issue! You have to select the option of auto-play which will turn the reels for a specific number of times.

All symbols of Zeus game are relevant to the theme for sure. These symbols will include Wreath, Helmet, Boat, Pegasus, Vase, Silver Coin, Harp, and Gold Coin. No playing cards are involved in this casino machine. The imperative symbols are mentioned below:

  • Wild Symbol – The wild temple is the wild symbol. It can occur at the place of other regular symbols to offer a big win.
  • Scatter Symbol – The scatter symbol is the lighting thunder. When three of these symbols occur on the reels, then 10 free spins will be provided to the players. On the other hand, by landing 4 or 5 scatters, the players will be awarded 25 or 100 free spins. The free spins are played to the winning and inspiring music. The best thing about this feature is that the players can trigger it again.
  • Highest Paying Symbol – The Zeus symbol is the highest paying one. It is utilized in groups amid 1 or more bonus rounds.

This slot provides coins in diverse denominations that range from 0.01$ to 5$. You can utilize only 1 coin at any time on the pay line with the least line bet placed at the 0.3$ and highest line bet at 5$.

When you go for the least bet, then you get to win 150$. On the other hand, by going for the highest bet, you can get your hands on the 2500$. The icons can show up stacked, and it implies that you can hit the stacked wild icons in every spin.

How to Win the Game?

Zeus slot incorporates free bonus games which are useful for all. It is a game of luck due to which the players cannot make use of the cheats. Nevertheless, they can go for the tips accessible on big websites. These tips are specified below:

  • This slot machine is accessible in real money and free mode. You should first play it in the free mode to do some practice. After that, you can switch to the real money mode.
  • Do not choose all play lines at the beginning of your real money gameplay.
  • Be cautious while placing the bet in the real money mode.


After having a glance at Zeus free review, you can know the features that make it stand out from the rest. This casino machine has all things that are required in an enjoyable and interesting slot.

It can fulfil the demands of all bettors in a nice manner. There are three symbols of this slot that are beneficial. Overall, it gives tremendous gaming as well as gambling experience.

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Triple Diamond

Triple Diamond Slot by IGT

Triple Diamond was introduced in the year of 2015. It is a classic type of slot. The progressive jackpots are prearranged in it. For that reason, many gamblers prefer to play it. There are three reels and nine play lines present in it.

The house edge of this game is 4.94 per cent. It has volatility ranging from low to medium. The coin value ranges from 0.01 to 100.

The least bet the players can set is 0.09, and the maximum bet they can set is 900. No free spins bonus round is offered in this casino machine while the multipliers are available.

This slot is accessible in real money as well as free modes. Both these modes are provided on the casinos online that are driven by IGT developers. To play this game for free, no signing up is significant.

In case, you want to play Triple Diamond for real money then you need to make an account on it. It is better for all individuals to play it for cash as it offers a nice jackpot.

Still, it is imperative to go through all rules earlier than playing the game with genuine cash. The designers of this title have worked properly on the animations and graphics.

They have outlined every control button proficiently. The players should get a combination of symbols on the reels to trigger a win.

How to Play the Game?

The slot fans are always looking out for something unique and different. In case, you are one of those gambling fans, then you will love Triple Diamond casino slot online.

You can play Triple Diamond slot machine online at any time you want. It resembles the slot game known as Double Diamond yet it has many cool features as compared to it. We have stated below the instructions to play it, have a look:

  1. To begin your game, you will need to select the level of the bet by using the options of “LINE BET”.
  2. After that, you have to choose the pay line which you need to activate by utilizing the button of “LINES”.
  3. Spin the reels to know the result.

The highest payout provided by this slot is reasonable along with the lowest bet. You can make 29,975 coins by covering up the reels with the highest paying symbol.

The theme is very good for all novice and expert slot fans. The soundtrack is enjoyable and pleasant.

The main symbol of this title is the wild symbol. It is recognized as the logo of the game. It is the particular symbol to pay when 1 or 2 appear on the active pay line like this:

  • One symbol will provide 2x of the betting line.
  • Two symbols will offer 10x of the betting line.
  • Three symbols will provide 1199x of the line bet.

As you can see the wild is quite pretty, so it can be a changeover of all other standard icons on the reels and work as a multiplier. Have a look:

  • On the off chance that you are using 1 as wild, then it will work as 3x of the multiplier.
  • In case, you are using 2 as wild, then it will work as 9x of the multiplier.

How to Win the Game?

When you are thinking to get a win in this casino machine, then you need to understand the instructions to play it properly. Also, you should pay attention to some basic tips that are specified below:

  • Play the Triple Diamond game a couple of times for free. When you become acquainted with it, then you can begin real money experience.
  • Be quite careful and choosy while setting the bet.
  • Do not place all of your earned cash on a single bet.

The payback percentage of every slot game is actually a mathematical term of the player’s opportunities of winning prizes in the long term.

However, the outcomes for any particular gaming session can be different. All slot games are prearranged to offer a particular long-term payout.

In this matter, the payback percentage or RTP of this slot is good as it is 95.06 per cent. Each player can assume to get back 95.06$ for each 100$ placed into the Triple Diamond slot.


On the off chance that you think that Triple Diamond free is for high rollers only then you are wrong! It is ideal for all small bettors as well as high rollers.

The play lines of this game are not permanent, so you can pick the ones you want to activate. From the layout to the wild symbol, everything will impress you unquestionably.

Multipliers are associated with the wild symbol. The multipliers can make you win a big amount from this slot game.

Those who are searching for a slot that can increase their bankroll in a short time should try it once. Nevertheless, it does not have to put forth free spins which might disappoint some gamblers and punters.

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Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz Slot by WMS

Wizard of Oz is a wonderful slot game that has been designed and introduced by WMS Gaming. It is actually a classic slot that has five reels and 30 play lines. At any level, the players will not get to win progressive jackpots.

The maximum payout which they can get from this slot game is 50,000$. It will be a fun game that has a few classic features. The free spins, good jackpot, scatter and wild symbols are offered in it.

There is a bonus round in which the players can maximize their bankroll. This slot has been optimized for mobile phones like Android, Windows, and Apple.

The RTP of this slot is around 95.99%. On various casinos online, you can find this casino game as it is quite famous and in-demand.

At the time when the players decide to play Wizard of Oz for real money, then they need to set up an account on the gambling site. After completing the verification process, they can start their real cash experience of gaming and gambling.

Oppositely, no account is required to enjoy it for free. The rules are unassuming as the players will need to get a combination of symbols on the adjacent reels.

How to Play the Game?

Wizard of Oz casino slot online will provide big wins to small bettor and high roller. In case you want to begin following the yellow brick road with the Dorothy, then you must set the bets. We have pointed out the instructions below:

  • At the time when you click on the “Bet/Line +/-“, then you have to adjust the size of the coin.
  • The size of the coins ranges from 0.01 to 5.
  • There is a “LINES” button which is advantageous to choose the pay line.
  • After deciding and setting the things properly, you can press the “PLAY” button.

The auto-play feature is accessible for every player. By selecting this feature, the reels will start spinning spontaneously devoid of any disruption for a selected number of times.

When it comes to the theme, then this slot is based on a classic film. This theme is not quite genuine as there are two other slot games that are designed on the same theme.

Nevertheless, the graphical representation, design, layout, and animations are a bit different in quality.

The symbols are well-designed. They incorporate the logo, Dorothy, Emerald city, the dog Toto, the scarecrow, ruby slippers, tin man, lion, a tornado, a hot air balloon and wicked witch of the West.

There are two important symbols of this slot. You need to know about them before you play Wizard of Oz slot machine online. They are mentioned below:

  • Wild Symbol – It is recognized as the logo of the slot.
  • Feature Symbol – It is identified as the Emerald City.

Both of the above symbols are imperative as each of them provides a big win. Still, there is another symbol which is Glenda the Good Witch. It will show up and provide 5 wild reels simultaneously.

How to Win the Game?

Wizard of Oz game does not provide fixed play lines so the players will need to make a choice. The highest bet the players can set in this title is 150. The developers have also offered a fast bet option.

Many tips are provided on specific websites regarding this game. The players will need to find them and remember to get their hands on the big wins. They are specified below:

  • The players do not have to invest too much money in this slot.
  • It is good to pick the play lines and bet carefully.
  • Do not depend on the online cheats carelessly.

There are diverse other features of this slot game. These features incorporate pick feature, expanding wilds, free spins, and jackpot.

The wild symbol is essential one as it provides the huge payout. It can exchange places with the standard symbols to provide you with the combination for the jackpot. Glenda the Good Witch is a feature that is able to trigger the expanding wild symbols.

Nevertheless, Glenda is able to show up on any particular reel. It can become 1 through five of them into the expanding reels that take the position of all symbols.

The Oz Pick Feature is readily accessible on the reels 1, 3 and 5. It will enable the players to select from a specific prize, the Road to Emerald City feature and Winged Monkey feature.

The Road to Emerald City feature will provide the player‘s entry to the bonus round. To access the free spins round, the players must go for the Winged Monkey feature.


Wizard of Oz slot is a typical classic video slot that has been designed beautifully. Graphics are pleasing to the eye while the sound effects are genuine. Both these features will make the gaming experience of Wizard of Oz free, more pleasurable. The small bettors can make the most of it.

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Gold Fish Slot Review

Goldfish presents a virtual aquarium. It is a WMS online slot that comes with five wheels and 25 fixed bet lines. It has wilds, scatters and some bonus features.

Players can bet from 35p to £105 a pin. There is an auto-spin function that you can set for the games to automatically spin. You can set it from five to 100 spins. Its RTP percentage is set at 96%. The highest payout you can get here is 10,000 coins.

In many Vegas casinos, this game is one of the most famous slots. Hence, when it became an online slot, it was a massive hit. This virtual aquarium includes a lot of tropical species.

This machine is not the most innovative online slots of WMS. But it is still one of the most popular. It could be the result of its simple appeal or high volatility. Or it could also be the maximum payout.

How to Play GoldFish Slot Machine Online?

GoldFish game has five fish-related icons. It has a special function that you can trigger often. There are free spins available. But you can only get them when you find Gold Fish. It occurs when a goldfish jumps in the reels after a fishbowl shows up.

But how many special spins you can get when playing GoldFish slot? You will only know the number of special spins by choosing one out of five bubbles showing up on the screen. You can win from five to 20 spins.

But you will not only get special spins as you can only obtain multiplier while playing the free spins. GoldFish free has 2x up to 10x multipliers. Any wins you get will hinge on the first spin wager.

Apart from the goldfish, you should also look forward to purple fish. When it appears, you get another fish function. You do not need to do anything as it only pays you automatically.

The best thing about it is that it gives you an enormous pay. This fish blows three bubbles. Each bubble has a corresponding number. The bubbles arrange in a certain series to unveil your win that will be added to your balance.

Getting the redfish will ask you to pick among the three options: castle, clam, and chest. Each option has a reward. If one of the fish kisses your reward, the payout increases significantly.

For example, if the purple fish kisses it, your bonus increases 20 times to 100 times. Greenfish has a 5x to 50x multipliers. Goldfish can only double the reward.

Green and Blue

Greenfish lets you choose from several bubbles to give you a prize. You can only pick one bubble. Aim to have an “All” bubble to get all the values from all the bubbles.

The bluefish, on the other hand, rewards you super scatter rewards. Activating this feature causes all matching icons to pay.

How to Play GoldFish for Real Money?

GoldFish casino slot online is an enjoyable and rewarding online slot game. It is a popular game that you can play either in a land-based casino or online.

If you prefer online, you can play its version using your laptop, PC or mobile device. After playing this game for fun, you can try betting for real money via a WMS online casino.

The free version does not require you to download or register. Although there is no app, you can still play this game on your mobile device through its instant play mode.

This mode, however, requires you to install or enable your browser’s Flash plugin. It is important to know that regardless of what device you are using, the odds of winning remain the same.

Where to Play this Game?

There are several WMS online casinos where you can find this game. One of them is Slotty Vegas. The advantage of this casino is that it offers 50 super spins upon registration. If you wish to make the first deposit, you are rewarded with a €150 cash reward.

Another WMS online casino to play GoldFish is BetAtCasino. In here, it offers 50 super spins. Making an initial deposit entitles you to receive €150 and 50 extra spins.

All British Casino is another great option as it offers 100 special spins. It also offers a deposit reward of £100 and 100 special spins when you make an initial deposit.

As for the deposit methods, you can use your credit card, like Visa and MasterCard. You can also use Neteller and Maestro.

One of the reasons this game is popular is that its bonus feature is rewarding. Since WMS developed it, expect to experience incredible graphics and user experience.

The bonus features in this title will make this game compensating as they boost your payouts. The best thing is that these features are triggered often.

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Where’s the Gold

Where`s The Gold Slot Review

Are you a gold digger? Well, not that kind of digger who only marries a person for material gain. Rather, a digger who digs for gold. If you are interested in this resource, try to play free Where’s the Gold slot machine from Aristocrat. The online mode is free to try with no download required.

In here, you will find a glitzy game that offers rewarding payouts. It has five wheels with 25 paylines. You might have tried digging before but found no luck. But it does not necessarily mean that you are not so fortunate trying this game to improve your bank balance.

Where’s The Gold casino slot online has an RTP of 94.92%. In that case, if you play Where’s the Gold for real money and bet $50, you could get back $47.46.

As regards to its volatility, this game has a medium variance or volatility. It simply means that this slot is not too risky.

This title released in 2003 in a land-based casino. It was a five-reel machine and utilized Aristocrat’s hardware. It also uses the standard screen resolution to ensure that when you play Where’s the Gold slot machine online, you will have an impressive gaming experience.

Winning the Where’s the Gold Game

Aristocrat online casinos offer Where’s the Gold slot with no download. It is one of their ways to attract more players. The overall interface is easy to understand. It also has attractive colours.

The Where’s the Gold free slot machine has varying bet amounts. But the lowest amount you can bet is $0.01 per line. The highest is $4. In that case, the maximum wager allowed is $100.

This title is not linked to a progressive jackpot. However, the highest payout available is $4,000. With 5 wheels available, the odds of winning the jackpot are quite high. But consider betting higher to result in greater values of wins.


Where’s the Gold has scatters that can activate free spins. But you need to land at least three of them to trigger this feature. Getting three can give you 10 super spins.

But before you can activate it, you need to choose a symbol to get the nuggets. After making a choice, the character you choose and the other icons will dig out golden coins.

When they are done digging out those golden coins, that’s the time the game awards you some extra spins. The number of super spins will depend on how many nuggets the character you picked dug out.

While playing in the free spins mode, all regular icons will turn into wild golden icons. As a result, you are awarded more wins.

The wild cannot be found in the base round. Rather, you can only find it during the super spins round.

The game’s theme is based on the Gold Rush. Hence, you will find that main icon here is a person who likes digging for gold to get rich. The overall graphics of the game is great.

The only person you will meet while in the base round is the miner. However, other characters will show up when you enter in the bonus round. With its quirky theme, you will surely love its sense of humour.

How to Win?

You need to get at least three matching icons on the active lines with the exception of the miner icon. It can pay you if it shows up two times on a payline. As a result, hitting a winning combination is more frequent.

The miner icon can pay up to 1000 times your bet. But you can only get it if it lands five times on a payline. The miner icon can award you a 500x multiplier.

Is there a Gamble Feature?

You must only opt for this feature if you think you are lucky. Keep in mind that this feature can make you win more or leave empty-handed.

If you are fortunate enough, you can quadruple what you have won. When playing this game, you should guess what the colour of the next card is. Guessing the colour correctly will double your win.

However, if you guessed the suit correctly, then prepare yourself to receive four times the money you won. However, it is also likely that you lose everything.

Access the Game on Your Mobile

You can play this game for free with no download requirement. It has a wild and a scatter. This interesting online slot machine can be accessed using an iOS device or an Android smartphone or tablet.

However, before you can access the game on your mobile, make sure to enable the Flash player of your mobile browser.

As the game guarantees a rewarding payout, there is no reason for you to have second thoughts on trying this one, even though you are not a gold digger.

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China Shores

China Shores Slot Review

Do you wish to play with Panda? We’re not talking of Wild Panda of Aristocrat. Rather, we’re talking of Konami’s China Shores.

It is an online slot machine that utilizes five wheels with 30 fixed bet lines. Playing this game will take you to the home of many pandas. Its icons are all related to the Chinese culture. Embarking on this exciting journey with this slot machine will lead you to receive a few generous rewards.

This free slot machine requires no download as it enables you to play for free through its demo version. You can activate its multipliers through the scatters. It has an excellent system that allows you to take some bonuses, such as the super spins.

Play China Shores Game with Your New Friend Panda

There are several bonuses on China Shores slot. One of them is the Panda, which takes the role of a wild. It shows up on second, third, fourth and fifth wheels.

As a wild, it replaces other icons but not the scatter. After replacing them, it forms a winning combo. It also unveils the super spins feature.

Another great icon on China Shores free machine is the yin-yang icon. It acts as a scatter. It has a huge payout if it shows up on consecutive wheels. But it must appear from left to right. If you get three, four or five scatters, you will be rewarded with 8, 10 or 15 super spins respectively.

Once the free spins feature has been activated, you can opt to play this round or just grab a credit prize. The prize can go from 40 to 319,500 coins.

You can also choose to play the super spins and exchanges the amount you won for a credit prize. But you can only activate this feature if you get more than 20 super spins.

The highest number of free spins you can get from this game is 45. The only way to get such number is if the entire grid is covered with scattered. The said feature can be re-activated.

The Top-Paying Icons

  • The highest-paying symbol here is the golden red Chinese writing icon. If you managed to get five of this kind on an active line, then the game will reward you 1,000 coins.
  • Now, if you also obtained five scatters, you are given 15 super spins and 100 coins. The super spins in this game will ensure that your gaming experience with this slot machine is a lucrative one. If you wish to get a higher payout, make sure to boost your wager. The highest payout in this game is 300,000 coins.

If you like this game, you will surely like another Oriental-themed pokie known as China Mystery. It has the same feature as the China Shores that enables you to pick between a batch of super spins or a credit prize.

Mobile Gambling with China Shores

This game can be accessed on Android or iOS device. Its interactive functionalities enable you to control the game fully.

There are no apps to download if you wish to play this game on your mobile device. However, to access the game, you have to enable your mobile browser’s Flash player.

Play China Shores for Real Money Options

China Shores casino slot online can be played either for fun or for real money. New players must opt to play this game for fun or its demo game first before moving to play for real money. When you choose to play China Shores slot machine online for real money, you need to stake actual money.

If you are not ready yet to deposit actual money, you can use the welcome bonus of the online casino you signed up for. Hence, it is vital that you choose a Konami online casino that offers its new players with a welcome no-deposit bonus.

It is worth noting that all the features of this game can be found in both demo mode and if you access it using real money. The RTP of this slot is set at 96.1%. It is a slot machine with moderate volatility.

This game is a non-progressive slot machine. Huge wins can be easily accessed through the scatters and wilds, as well as the super spins.

Withdrawal Options

Any Konami online casino that offers China Shores will allow you to withdraw your wins easily. You can use any debit or credit cards, eWallets, and prepaid cards.

Before you register with an online casino, make sure to check its deposit and withdrawal options. Determine whether or not your preferred payment and withdrawal options are available.

You must also check the casino’s minimum and maximum deposits/withdrawals. Then, opt to sign up with a casino that offers a no-deposit bonus.

In that way, you can try how the casino works without depositing anything. If you like it, then consider depositing money to start betting for real money.

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