Craps Rules

The game of craps needs a minimum of at least four people. These people are known as the boxman, the stickman, and two dealers. Each of these people has different responsibilities. The boxman will be the only one who will be sitting during the game. This is one of the craps rules. The stickman will be standing on the other side of the table and he will be facing the boxman. The boxman is the person who is in charge of the whole game.

He is responsible for changing your money to chips and checking whether the dice that are being used have any defects. In case there is any disagreement between a player and a dealer, the boxman will solve the issue. The stickman has the responsibility of controlling dice by the use of a flexible stick. When a new shooter is in a position to roll dice, the stickman will use his stick to move the dice towards the shooter. That is another one of the craps rules. The stickman will have to announce the results of the dice every time they are rolled.

The dealers have the responsibility of taking care of their respective ends of the table. Their main job is to pay the bets that have been won and to collect those that have been lost. Most of the bets can be made by individuals; however there are specific bets that have to be made by a dealer. The bets that are primarily for a dealer are the Place Bets, Lay Bets and others of the same kind. Before making any bets, it is required that a player should convert cash into chips, even when you want to play craps online.

To play craps online is a very simple process, as long as you have understood the rules and regulations of the game. When you are playing online however, you will find that you will have to use a debit or a credit card for the game. In this instance, you will need to have at least a broadband internet connection so as to be able to see the game live.