History of Keno

Keno is known to be one of the oldest casino games since gambling began. It has been proven as a fact that the game has been known to exist for more than 3,000 years. Though there are some discrepancies about the history of this game, the fact is that is was invented by a ruler of Han dynasty, who went by the name of Cheung Leung. During this time, the city that he was ruling had been through a war that had consumed almost all of the resources of the city. 

This is when he came up with an idea that would give his government income without increasing the tax of the local citizens. This is when he invented the casino game that is commonly known today as Keno. At that time there was a very popular poem that was called, “The Thousand Character Classic.” This poem was used in ancient China and up to today it has been used for the purpose of teaching people how to count.

That is why you will find the game that Cheung Leung invented is very close to the casino game that we are playing in this present day. The game made it possible for this great leader to be able to make enough money to fund his next war. The popularity of the game started spreading so much that it got a nickname. It was referred to as the “Game of the White Pigeon.” And that is because it was usually played in the large cities and towns. Therefore, the message of a win or a loss was sent by the use of a dove.

Another fact that has proven that Keno game was very popular is the links that it had with the construction of the China Wall. It has been said that by the time the proposal for building this great wall went through, people were avidly playing this game. As a result, most of the funds that were gotten through this game went to finance the building of this Great Wall. Therefore, the game plays a great part in the history of China.