History of slots Machines

Gambling is an age old activity, running up to a century old and gambling machines have evolved throughout this period to the modern day slots machines, even online slots machines. The first gambling machine made by ‘Sittman and Pritt’ is credited as the beginning of the rapid evolution of the gambling industry. The game, which is derived from poker, cost only a dime to play and winners could get a reward of cigar or a bottle of beer, while the first game on slot machines gave gum as winning prizes. 

The reels of the machine showed symbols of fruits in which to determine the flavor of what a player won. The first electronic machine was introduced in 1964 which allowed the use of cash, the machine allowed the payment of up to 500 coins automatically. The modern day slots machines or online slots machines are based on this machine and have a number of slot machines and allows the use of different denominations.

The modern machines are equipped with video poker slots and most of them have television based themes. In the 1990’s bills had been accepted to ensure that players had an easier time in playing the slots and spend more time at the slots. A slot machine was also produced to provide bonus features and chances to win prizes without spinning the reels. Players would hope of winning the bonus jackpot by playing the next bonus rounds.

The popularity of slots machines and online slots machines has evolved with technology; software providers have developed internet based games which offer amazing bonus features with great prizes. Most of the slots nowadays operate with touch screen technology and are easy to operate since most of them have introduced tickets to replace cash. This has contributed to the rise of online casinos who offer a variety of online slots.

Players can still enjoy the thrill of spinning the reels and winning without necessarily being in a real live casino. It is in no doubt that Slots machines and online slots machines will improve and provide more exciting online features. Online slot machines will lead to greater access to live casinos and translate to more gains in profits since slots earnings contribute about 70% of casino earnings.