This is a simple lottery game that is extremely popular with fans of instant win games. The traditional casino game of Keno used a glass bubble containing 80 balls printed with numbers 1 to 80, naturally. It has come a long way since it was created in the 1800’s and even since it began played in brick and mortar casinos, and nowadays you will see incredibly designed online keno games decorated within an inch of their lives in all kinds of kooky and wonderful creations! A lot like online slot games, a lot of the fun of this online game lays in the overall experience which is often enhanced with cool sound effects and music, making this game every enjoyable indeed. 

How to play Keno

Keno is very simple to actually play, however when you launch the game at your Fave casino site you may be left feeling a little dumb-struck as it looks a tad more complicated than it actually is! This is an extremely fast-paced numbers game with a big grid of numbers facing you as soon as you launch the game. Typically you will see numbers 1 to 80 and all you have to do after you place your bet is click on the numbers. It varies from game to game (sometimes) but the majority of Keno games allow the player to choose 10 numbers. Then it is just a case of hitting the “Bet” or “Play” button and the computer will randomly generate numbers to be marked off on the card, much like bingo. If any of the computers numbers happen to match any that you have picked, you will win a prize that is determined by the pre-assigned multiplier. For example – if your game has assigned the number 10 with a multiplier of 5, you have chosen the number 5 and then the computer also picks the number 10 then you will receive 5 times your wager as part of your overall prize!

Keno Rules

The rules in Keno are simple: just pick your numbers and wait to see if they correspond with any of the numbers that the computer randomly generates. It is so simple to play that there is no learning curve – a player who has never, ever played Keno could indulge in one little game and find themselves snapping up a tonne of cash! Of course there are thousands variations to the game, so make sure you have a look at the rules of your individual game, because you never know – these online casino sites are getting creative!

Keno Lingo

Again because Keno is so straightforward to play there is little or no lingo attached and the lingo that is used is pretty self-explanatory:

Keno Board – the board that displays your numbers
Call – the numbers that are being drawn for each game are being “called”
Progressive Jackpot –this is a jackpot that grows and grows until one lucky player snaps it up

Keno Strategy

First and foremost, Keno is a game of luck. The beauty of this game is that there is no skill, no in-depth thought processes, no mind-boggling card counting – whether you win or not is literally based on pure luck.

With that being said, there is a certain amount of possibility of you boosting your own chances of snapping up a jackpot by selecting “the correct” numbers. According to some Keno “experts” it is possible to look for some number patterns and winning numbers that pop up more frequently than others and betting on those., however this is of course still based on chance – there is no sure-fire way of scooping up a win on Keno.

Wiki’s Final Thought

Keno is extremely popular with online bingo fans and lottery fans alike – the fast-paced nature of this game makes for an almost instant win and the thrill attached to such a win is addictive! The fact that this game requires no more user interaction than choosing the numbers means that this extremely easy to pick up and win and could shower you with prizes on your very first go! There is nothing to learn, nothing to even really think about other than your own lucky numbers!