Let it Ride Poker

Let it ride poker, is a very popular game where a player uses the first three cards of a five card hand. This allows a player to fold his/her bets to ride by giving an outcome of two hands. The dealer then deals for each player three cards making two community cards to be dealt facing down, this making the dealer not to have a hand on their own.

Each player has to choose to either take the second bet or let it ride poker. In this case the community card is revealed with each player having an option to go back to their third bet. Here the player can either ride or go back the second time regardless of the first option. With the second community card the players are paid. Casinos pay in pairs of ten and pay at odds on all bets. Remember the truth about this game is to take back your 2nd and 3rd bets and let them ride if you have a good hand.

With three cards showing you should always let it ride with the following:

• Any paying hand of tens.
• A royal flush of any of the three cards.
• If you are a real stickler for the odds you can use the three cards except for A-2-3 and 2-3-4.
• With the three cards you also use the straight flush.

With four cards showing you should always ride it on with the following:-

• With any four card
• Use straight draws
• Use the gut shot

The let it rides poker rules are so easy and give a player a short list of plays. Remember with this game your bankroll should be $1000 with an initial amount of $ 10 per unit. You should make sure you have enough units in your bankroll which can be increased by $10 per unit. The order for this game is by adjusting the bet size, pressing the deal button, with your first three or four cards you can press the take out or ride it. Lastly, respect the first step. This game is available online for free.