Microgaming are widely considered to be the very best online software providers in the whole of the online casino industry, with absolutely TONNES of games to choose from. In fact, their collection has hit well beyond the 450 mark now and is growing steadily all the time. It would make sense that they know what online casino fans look for in a casino venue as they have been providing the masses with top-class games since way back in 1994! This makes them the pioneers of the online casino industry and every single casino software provider since has strived to gain even a taste of Microgaming’s success. Known mostly for their online slot games, Microgaming offer slot fans some of the tastiest, best crated games packed with goodies that the world has ever seen, but their casino games consistently impress, too. There is no smoke without fire – Microgaming are so well known and so established because they are pure and simply the best.

Online Slot Games

Place a Microgaming slot nest to any other in the industry and it will be instantly recognisable. They are a prime example of an online software gaming creator developing traits and executing those traits to perfection. Their 3D video slots of most recent years are a perfect example of the genius of the Microgaming creators: they are innovative, they are astoundingly well created, they are packed with wild symbols and scatters that tend to do more than provide the function of a general wild and scatter and they are usually filled with free spins and bonus features. Another trait of Microgaming’s is that they love to offer loads of paylines. Sure they have 1, 3, 5, 15, 20 and 15 payline slots but they much prefer to offer 50 or even 100. The newest trend that Microgaming have invented is the “243 ways to win” slot as opposed to paylines. Another fantastic trait is that the new wave of Microgaming slot game stand to be extremely multi-faceted, richly created with back stories and characters and requiring slightly more interaction than usual, making them infinitely more interesting.

Of course they offer a tonne of excellent 3 reel slots that deserve our attention but because of the sheer excellence of their brand new slot games these pale in comparison and even the most hardcore 3 reel slot fan will find themselves converting to 5 reels!

Online Casino Games

Sure they may be best known for their faultless collection of online slot games but their casino games are also something to be celebrated. They provide the world with absolutely hundreds of fantastic, classic casino games but what Microgaming are REALLY good as is inventing! You will find that they have the biggest collection of classic casino games with a twists simply because they are so innovative. Their poker collection is really something to be admired and their Video Poker collection of over 60 games is a popular destination for poker fans.

Unique Games

This is where Microgaming really show their innovation. They have at LEAST 15 Unique Games in their collection and they love to have fun with them! From Dawn of the Bread which is a scratchcard type game featuring a zombie baking gross bread filled with eyeballs and such-like to the fantastically fun Hairy Fairies – another scratchie game that will have you clicking on fat, hairy hobo’s complete with fairy wings, sparkles and wands!

Progressive Jackpots

Another reason for Microgaming’s immense success is the fact that they offer the biggest progressive jackpots in the industry! Mostly linked to their impressive slot games, you will find some of their reels are packed with up to 4 jackpots, 1 of which BEGINS at £1,000,000! It’s not just their slots though – you will find a whole hosts of their games packed with progressives.

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