Mobile Gambling to Increase Dramatically by 2018

There is no doubt that mobile gambling has become increasingly popular in recent years – in fact you can’t seem to get away from it! There have been reports made by Juniper Research that come 2018 there would be $62 billion in gaming wagers globally which gives you an idea of how large this industry is becoming.

v It has been immensely popular in the UK, so much so that there has now been brands launching into the mobile front in the USA in states such as Delaware and Nevada. We suspect that this is just the start of good things to come and that this will very soon be introduced to even more USA states which will result in this huge increase in revenue. The introduction of social gaming apps such as Slotmania and Zynga Poker has brought the attention even further on the casino industry and now there are tonnes of mobile apps to choose from.

When visiting an online casino site, you will also find that often there is a dedicated mobile section, and operators that don’t offer that will be left behind. Another sector keen to jump on the bandwagon is lotteries with the report author Sian Rowlands stating that there isn’t any competition in the lottery industry and that by becoming accessible via mobile and tablet devices could be what they need to give their product a big boost. There will certainly be a massive increase in new launches of casino brands in the next few years and if they get the kind of exposure like the do currently such as on TV, all over our social media channels and search engines etc you can be sure that this will be a fantastic opportunity for casino brands and operators.