Deposit & Withdraw Using Neteller

Believe it or not, Neteller has actually been running since 1996, making it one of the oldest method of payment in the online world.

Surprisingly, it is not the most popular method of payment despite the fact that they have had so many years in the business. Those of you familiar with PayPal will have no problem understanding Neteller as it works in much the same way with just a few subtle differences. It is basically an electronic wallet in which you store your cash to then deposit at any casino sites accepting Neteller! Though they may not be the best known in the industry, you will actually be hard-pushed to find a site that DOESN’T offer this as a method of payment so when you create your Neteller account, you will find that there are actually a lot more options open to you.

It is Simple

It may not be as simple as some of the others but it is still as simple as creating an account and then using this account to fund your online casino account. However, it’s the bit in-between that you may find a little time-consuming. Though Neteller works like PayPal in that you can simply use your email and Neteller password to deposit your funds, the act of actually funding your account is far more involved. Unlike PayPal, your Neteller account si not linked to your bank and therefor your funds will not come straight from your account – you have to first decide upon a specific amount of cash and then place this into your account. This then has to be done every time you wish to top up your account.

It is Safe

Yes, Neteller make sure that every possible measure is taken to ensure the safety and security of our bank details and bear in mind that you do not have to fund your Neteller account by inputting your debit or credit card details – you can actually use Ukash, which means that you can simply exchange your cash for a voucher number at any of the 46,000 PayPoint’s throughout the UK so you don’t have to ever divulge your details if you don’t want to. The fact that you can do this makes Neteller even safer than PayPal!

It is NOT Free

Unfortunately it is not actually 100% free to use Neteller as they do attach fees to all facilities in regards to Neteller; they may charge you when you put cash in, they may charge you to deposit to your casino site and they may even charge you to then cash out your winnings which of course is not ideal, especially when other companies are allowing you to do the exact same thing for free! Depending on which method you use to deposit, you could be slapped with a fee anywhere between zero (for debit cards) and an absolutely colossal 75%! To fund your account for free, you must use a Maestro debit card, Direct E-Banking, Euteller, GiroPay, Ideal, bank transfer and a few others. To fund it using other debit cards, your credit cards, Ukash and Paysafecard (and tonnes more) you have to commit to a fee.

Using Neteller to Deposit at an Online Casino

When it comes to deposit at an online casino accepting Neteller, all you have to do is click on the Neteller icon, input the amount you wish to deposit, input your Neteller account ID and your Neteller password. You can then simply click deposit and your funds will be automatically transferred. Yu can then withdraw from the casino site to your Neteller account directly. However, withdrawals can only be made from your Neteller account via band draft or transfer or your pre-paid Neteller card. The card is free and all others cost at least £7.

The Cons of Neteller

To be fair, there are actually only 2 drawbacks of using this method of payment as it is quick and reliable and extremely safe, especially in comparison to using simply your credit or debit card.

• You have to fund your account whenever it is empty
• You are faced with fees to use the account, which is a major drawback. Why would anyone pay a fee to find their Neteller account with Paysafecard or Ukash when they can simply fund their actual casino account with Paysafecard and Ukash for free, cutting out the middle man?

In Conclusion

Neteller is a quick and secure method of payment, however in the grand scheme of things it is easily trumped by a few others.

Casino Sites Accepting Neteller

Site Min D Max D Min W W.T Max W
Spin And Win £10 £10,000 £10 2 – 3 £15,000
Mansion Casino £15 £10,000 £10 1 – 2 £15,000
888 Casino £10 £15,000 £15 1 – 2 £30,000
Club 777 £15 £10,000 £10 1 – 2 £15,000
Bet365 Casino £10 £20,000 £10 1 Hour £20,000 £15 £10,000 £10 1 – 2 £15,000
MR Green £1 £15,000 £10 1 – 2 £10,000

Min D – Minimum Deposit Using Neteller
Max D – Maximum Deposit
Min W – Minimum Withdraw
W.T – Withdraw Time (days)
Max W – Maximum Withdraw