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Paypal Casino – Deposit & Withdraw Using Paypal

There are loads of ways to deposit at your fave online casino site, from UKash and Paysafecard to Moneybookers/Skrill and Neteller, but again and again we see the same method of payment in the winners chair; PayPal.

This is the most reputable method of payment that you will ever find online and they have been providing their services since 1998, accumulating an incomprehensible $4.4 billion in revenue up to 2011! No other method of online payment enjoys the popularity and trust that PayPal do – so just why is PayPal so astoundingly popular?

It is Simple

It literally involves you heading to the official PayPal site and inputting your details, at which point you enter your credit or debit card details once and once only. When it then comes to depositing at an online casino site using PayPal, you simply have to enter your email address and the password that you registered when you sign up for PayPal. There is no need to fund your account as PayPal is NOT a pre-paid e-wallet service – it simply takes the fund straight from the account that you specify when you join.

It is Safe

As you enter your details once and once only, you never, ever have to divulge these sensitive details again, which is great news considering most of you probably join and deposit at more than one online casino site at a time. When depositing online with your credit or debit card, there is a chance that your details could fall into the wrong hands and hacking and (in particular) identity theft is consistently on the rise. With PayPal, you will never have to worry about your details being leaked, but that does not stop them from issuing more security measures. They make sure that you are notified immediately if there is any suspicious activity regarding your PayPal account and so on.

It is Free

You do not have to spend ANY cash to set up your PayPal account, nor do you have to spend any cash to pay for things or deposit online. Unlike the likes of Neteller and MoneyBookers/Skrill, PayPal basically works like a bank account yet you do not have to fund it in order to make a payment. Because of this there are absolutely no fee’s attached PayPal and they even provide their extra precautionary measures – like the notifications of suspicious activity etc. – absolutely free, too. They do not charge you to deposit and they do not charge you to cash-out.

Using PayPal to Deposit at an Online Casino

PayPal is fast becoming the only way to pay amongst the users of online casino sites and you will find that with its growing popularity comes more and more casino sites accepting PayPal. When you land on an online casino site you can tell if they take PayPal by simply looking for the instantly recognisable blue PayPal icon, usually located at the bottom of the screen. The reason that this has become so incredibly popular amongst online casino fans is that – on top of all the other fantastic perks – you can cash out as easily as you would deposit, allowing you to then spend your cash anywhere online or simply transfer the funds back into your bank account to be withdrawn.

When it does come to depositing at your fave casino site using PayPal, all you have to do is input the amount you wish to be taken straight from your bank account – now linked to PayPal – and input your email and password that you registered when you crated the account – that’s it! It’s so quick and easy and takes just a few seconds!

The Cons of PayPal

Not everything is perfect – there are a few Cons when it comes to using PayPal to deposit:
• Though they are reputedly one of the safest ways to deposit online, they are so well-known that they are constantly under threat of con-men. Yes they take every measure to make sure your details do not fall into the wrong hands but the simple fact is that your details are still online, which is always a sight risk.
• PayPal are notoriously hard to get into contact with. They have billions of customers so if you have a problem it could take a while for it to be sorted.

In Conclusion

No method of payment is perfect, but it would appear that PayPal are the closest thing to it! Easy, simple, 100% free and they make sure that your details are kept as safe as possible – it seems silly NOT to open a PayPal account!

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