Slots Variety – Different Kind of Slots Machines

A slot machine is basically a gambling machine with 3 wheels slot which spin once a button is pushed. It is not rare to see a slot machine with more than three wheels. There are also some video slot machines that have even up to ten wheel slots. Pay lines also vary from one machine to another. There are those machines that have even up to five pay line slots. 

The first slot machine to be invented was known as the Liberty bell in the late 1880’s. Currently, slot machines have evolved to more sophisticated machines. Online slot machines have multiple pay lines, but the only difference between ordinary slot machines and online slot machines is that with the online option, a person has more variety and this is what is making them gain more popularity.

The other factor is that they don’t have light towers, and no coin or note entry or coin tray. A straight slot machine outlines the exact amount won when symbols line up, such that if a player deposits a single coin and the straight machine displays three symbols line up, then that means that the gambler has won 100 coins. For two coins he wins 200coins and so on.

Another machine that plays a little differently is the progressive slot machine whereby the amount of coins won is outlined by the payout schedule when some symbols line up. This type of machine is networked with a number of other machines. Each coin entered into these networked machines is added up together, thus coming up with the total jackpot.

Different machines accept different denominations of coins. Some casinos even have machines specially programmed so that one spin of the reel can cost even up to 50 or 100 dollars. Therefore, in order to qualify for the jackpot, a gambler must bet the maximum amount of coins. Some slot machine even offer bonuses to the gambler and can work up to two games and convert them into one game.