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In a world dominated by PayPal, there is one runner up that is slowly on the rise and could soon be taking over; Ukash. The reason that Ukash has been rising in popularity is because this method of payment has the potential to be even safer and more secure than PayPal. Because of this, casino sites accepting Ukash are on the rise and it is inevitable that soon all the biggest and best online casino’s will be accepting this as one of their standard method of payments.

Ukash as a Payment Method for Online Casino Sites

Though they were founded in just 2005, Ukash can now be found in over 420,000 retail outlets worldwide, so Ukash vouchers are becoming more and more widely available to cater to the growing demand for this simple and safe payment method.

It is Simple

When you purchase your Ukash voucher you literally just have to enter the voucher number when you deposit or redeposit. No need to create an account, no need to ever have any authorisation from your bank – just enter the voucher number and hey presto; instant online casino gaming! The only thing that you ever need to worry about is having proof of identification as a lot of retail outlets may require you to show proof that you are over 18.

It is Safe

In fact, it is arguably the most secure payment method thanks to the fact that you do not ever have to divulge your private credit or debit card details at all. All you have to do is have a quick look on the official Ukash website to find the nearest PayPoint to you. They have thousands of PayPoint’s across the whole of the UK and all it takes is for you to head on in and exchange your cash for the voucher code.

It is Free

Because of the simple way in which Ukash vouchers can be snapped up, it is of course completely and utterly free – you are basically exchanging your cash for the voucher so they do not ever link any fee’s to this. Just look out for the familiar PayPoint sign (of which there are 22,000), the PayZone sign (there are 20,000) or the EPay sign (there are 6,000) and you can exchange as little as a fiver or as much as £200. Unlike the likes of Neteller and Moneybookers, you do not need to fund an account before you use Ukash and therefore there are no fee’s linked to that, either.

Using UKash to Deposit at an Online Casino

When it comes to depositing with Ukash at an online casino site, all you have to do is specify that you want to use Ukash and they will provide a field in which you just have to enter your voucher number. Your cash will automatically zoom into your casino account and you can use it instantly. The only thing that you ever need to worry about is finding the casino sites that accept Ukash. As we mentioned before, this is fast becoming the preferred way to pay and so more and more sites are accepting Ukash, however not all of them do. Look for the little red and white U or Ukash logo before you try to join or you may be disappointed.

The Cons of Ukash

Like everything else in the world, Ukash is not perfect but in all fairness, it DOES come pretty close. The one thing that you may consider to be a drawback is when it comes to cashing out. Of course you cannot cash out using your Ukash voucher and there was a time when your only option was to then input your credit or debit cards details in order to cash out. This is no longer something that needs to be done as they now offer a Ukash Out card. This is a MasterCard that you can order via Ukash and then use to cash out your winnings. This MasterCard can then be used as any other credit card – you can use it online to shop with your winnings or pull the money out of an ATM!
Thanks to the introduction of the UKash out card, the3 only drawbacks to Ukash are:
• Though there are over 46,000 places offering the Ukash service, some casino fans living in remote parts of the UK may find it difficult to find a PayPoint without traveling for miles.
• Some may find it time consuming to create a Ukash account, order your Ukash out card and wait for it to be delivered and activated before they can use it.

In Conclusion

There was a time when you could only make deposits using Ukash and thereafter you had to input your credit tor debit card details to withdraw, however thanks to the Ukash out card, Ukash has now jumped way ahead of even PayPal as the safest way to deposit online in our estimations. Of course you then have to worry about the safety of your Ukash card but as long as you use it simply to transfer your winnings from your account to your Ukash card and withdraw the funds on the card as soon as possible, you won’t ever have a lot of cash sitting in your Ukash out account and therefor the chances of you losing substantial amounts of cash is very slim.

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